The Perry Mason Database

This database contains the names of the actors in the Perry Mason TV series along with their episodes and roles. It also contains their Internet Movie Database link and, where available, birth and death dates. You will find this data displayed in interesting ways on this site. If you have any ideas for use of the database on the site, please let us know.

There are 1901 unique actors in the database. Of these, 631 are female (33.2%) and 1270 are male (66.8%). There are 7 actors who have alternate names. See Credits Anomalies for information about these actors. There are 72 actors who have names that are sometimes spelled slightly differently. These variant names are shown in the Actors Lists with applicable episodes flagged by an asterisk. Names shown in the Cast Lists are as they appear in the episode credits. Note that only 1731 actors have birth dates and 1418 have death dates in the database. Actors without these dates are necessarily excluded from date-related tables.

#33 Alix Talton

Interactive1: Birth and Death By Date

Enter numbers for the desired Month and Day and click Submit or use the "next/previous" buttons. Click the to go to the actor's Actor Page. Click the actor's name to go to the actor's IMDb page. Mouse over the for an episode list. Mouse over the for a picture. Note: JavaScript must be enabled. Mouse over the picture at the right for the episode number from whence it came and the actor's name. The picture was randomly chosen from those available for this date.

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Born on Date

NameBorn DiedAge
Actor Page Gavin Gordon April 7, 1901 April 7, 1983 82
Actor Page Stanley Adams April 7, 1915 April 27, 1977 62
Actor Page Anthony Caruso Anthony Caruso April 7, 1916 April 4, 2003 86
Actor Page R. G. Armstrong April 7, 1917 July 27, 2012 95

Died on Date

NameBorn DiedAge
Actor Page Gavin Gordon April 7, 1901 April 7, 1983 82
Actor Page Alix Talton Alix Talton June 7, 1919 April 7, 1992 72
Actor Page John G. Agar January 31, 1921 April 7, 2002 81
Actor Page Marion Moses Marion Moses March 18, 1932 April 7, 2004 72