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Episode #109: The Case of the Resolute Reformer

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Richard Eastham from #109
Actor Page Richard Eastham
Diana Millay from #109
Actor Page Diana Millay
John Hoyt from #109
Actor Page John Hoyt
Phillip Terry from #109
Actor Page Phillip Terry
Maxine Stuart from #109
Actor Page Maxine Stuart
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Without A Picture From This Episode

Actor Page Douglas Dick as Peter Caine *
Actor Page James Westerfield as Roger Quigley
Actor Page Byron Palmer as Charles Sistrom *
Actor Page John McLiam as Councilman William Daniels
Actor Page Hardie Albright as Supervisor Albert Johnson *
Actor Page Tom Harkness as Judge *
Actor Page Charles J. Conrad as Dr. Auerback *
Actor Page Tony Hughes as Jack Parrish
Actor Page Dennis Quinn as Lewis Bergdorf
Actor Page Bert Stevens as Ronald Arthur
Actor Page Dean Casey as Henry Bartlett
Actor Page Joe McGuinn as Lt. Lew Kaufman
Actor Page Gisele Verlaine as Waitress *

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