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Episode #128: The Case of the Crying Comedian

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Tommy Noonan from #128
Actor Page Tommy Noonan
Jackie Coogan from #128
Actor Page Jackie Coogan
Sue Ane Langdon from #128
Actor Page Sue Ane Langdon
Stacy Harris from #128
Actor Page Stacy Harris
John Gallaudet from #128
Actor Page John Gallaudet
Carl Milletaire from #128
Actor Page Carl Milletaire
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Without A Picture From This Episode

Actor Page Gloria Talbott as Ann Gilrain *
Actor Page Med Flory as Sgt. McVey
Actor Page Liam Sullivan as Tom Gilrain *
Actor Page Nestor Paiva as Nico
Actor Page John Alvin as Manager *
Actor Page Louis Mercier as Remy
Actor Page Ray Dannis as Reese Lordan
Actor Page Art Lewis as M. C.
Actor Page Alan Reynolds as Dr. Iverson
Actor Page Charles Stroud as Court Clerk

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