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Episode #136: The Case of the Renegade Refugee

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Frank Overton from #136
Actor Page Frank Overton
Dick Foran from #136
Actor Page Dick Foran
John Sutton from #136
Actor Page John Sutton
Ronald Long from #136
Actor Page Ronald Long
Jennifer Howard from #136
Actor Page Jennifer Howard
Donna Atwood from #136
Actor Page Donna Atwood
Denver Pyle from #136
Actor Page Denver Pyle
William Boyett from #136
Actor Page William Boyett
Robert Nash from #136
Actor Page Robert Nash
Jo Summers from #136
Actor Page Jo Summers
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Without A Picture From This Episode

Actor Page Paul Lambert as Lawrence Vander *
Actor Page Karl Held as David Gideon *
Actor Page Wesley Lau as Lt. Anderson *
Actor Page John Gallaudet as Judge *
Actor Page John Lormer as Autopsy Surgeon *
Actor Page Victor Izay as Mr. Jones
Actor Page Jess Kirkpatrick as Lou Kouffman
Actor Page Lee Miller as Sgt. Brice *

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