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Episode #143: The Case of the Poison Pen-Pal

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Without A Picture From This Episode

Actor Page Everett Sloane as District Attorney
Actor Page Patricia Breslin as Karen Ross *
Actor Page Douglas Henderson as Peter Gregson *
Actor Page Bert Freed as Carl Holman *
Actor Page Wright King as Lee Gregson
Actor Page Joan Tompkins as Florence Holman *
Actor Page Kathryn Givney as Wilma Gregson *
Actor Page Naomi Stevens as Agnes *
Actor Page Charles Cooper as Ben Willoughby
Actor Page Harry Jackson as Matt Clark *
Actor Page Paul Genge as Inspector Wade
Actor Page John Litel as Judge
Actor Page Chrystine Jordan as Sandra Gregson
Actor Page Diane Mountford as Jill Thatcher
Actor Page Richard St. John as Autopsy Surgeon
Actor Page Walter Kelly as Surgeon *
Actor Page Marshall Reed as First Officer
Actor Page Diana Darrin as Mrs. Thatcher
Actor Page John McKee as Woodfern *
Actor Page Sherry Hall as Court Clerk *
Actor Page Kathy Huber as Nurse

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