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Episode #146: The Case of the Absent Artist

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Zasu Pitts from #146
Actor Page Zasu Pitts
Victor Buono from #146
Actor Page Victor Buono
Arline Sax from #146
Actor Page Arline Sax *
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Without A Picture From This Episode

Actor Page Mark Roberts as Gabe Phillips/Otto Gervaert *
Actor Page Richard Erdman as Charles (Monty) Montrose
Actor Page Jay Barney as Harry Clark
Actor Page Wesley Lau as Lt. Anderson *
Actor Page Wynne Pearce as Pete Manders *
Actor Page Pamela Curran as Leslie Lawrence
Actor Page Carl Don as Myer
Actor Page Lane Bradford as Arnold Buck
Actor Page Bill Zuckert as Judge *
Actor Page Barney Phillips as Newburgh *
Actor Page Mabel Rea as Girl
Actor Page Patrick Waltz as Court Clerk
Actor Page Wes Bishop as Agnew
Actor Page Marshall Kent as Man
Actor Page Ann Staunton as Woman

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