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Episode #173: The Case of the Golden Oranges

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Lee Van Cleef from #173
Actor Page Lee Van Cleef
There is 1 picture.

Without A Picture From This Episode

Actor Page Arthur Hunnicutt as Amos Keller
Actor Page Natalie Trundy as Sandra Keller *
Actor Page Erin O'Brien as Janis Carr
Actor Page Allen Case as James Wheeler *
Actor Page Arch Johnson as Gerald Thornton *
Actor Page Mary Munday as Grace Doyle
Actor Page Hugh Sanders as John Grimsby *
Actor Page Henry Norell as Courtney Osgood *
Actor Page Charles Irving as Judge Stanley *
Actor Page Vic Perrin as Assistant D.A. Rice
Actor Page Nolan Leary as Judge Gray *
Actor Page Michael Fox as Coroner's Physician *
Actor Page Wallace Rooney as Lab Technician *
Actor Page James Goodwin as Pound Attendant
Actor Page Alex Bookston as Private Physician *
Actor Page Robert Rothwell as Earth Mover Operator

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