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Episode #18: The Case of the Cautious Coquette

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Virginia Gregg from #18
Actor Page Virginia Gregg
Donald Randolph from #18
Actor Page Donald Randolph
Kipp Hamilton from #18
Actor Page Kipp Hamilton
Harry Jackson from #18
Actor Page Harry Jackson
Chet Stratton from #18
Actor Page Chet Stratton
Sidney Clute from #18
Actor Page Sidney Clute
Sydney Smith from #18
Actor Page Sydney Smith
Brett Halsey from #18
Actor Page Brett Halsey
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Without A Picture From This Episode

Actor Page James Seay as Ross Hollister
Actor Page K. L. Smith as Joe Raymond
Actor Page Ed Hinton as Sheriff Mark Daley
Actor Page Stephen Ellsworth as Sgt. Kenny
Actor Page Ralph Sanford as Pat
Actor Page Jeanne Bates as Western Union Clerk
Actor Page Paul Hahn as Sgt. Davis
Actor Page Weaver Levy as Jimmy
Actor Page Jack Gargan as Court Clerk *

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