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Episode #189: The Case of the Floating Stones

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Victor Maddern from #189
Actor Page Victor Maddern
Irene Tsu from #189
Actor Page Irene Tsu
Jerry Oddo from #189
Actor Page Jerry Oddo
Bill Zuckert from #189
Actor Page Bill Zuckert
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Without A Picture From This Episode

Actor Page Joyce Jameson as Lorraine *
Actor Page Gertrude Flynn as Agatha Culpepper *
Actor Page Walter Brooke as District Attorney
Actor Page Ken Lynch as Wendel *
Actor Page James Forrest as Tudor Sherwin *
Actor Page James Hong as Louis Kew *
Actor Page Richard Loo as Mr. Eng
Actor Page Dale Ishimoto as Lao
Actor Page Gil Stuart as Inspector Mac Ritchie
Actor Page Walter Janowitz as Doctor Lefcourt
Actor Page Baynes Barron as Chowen *
Actor Page Marshall Reed as Fisherman

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