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Episode #208: The Case of the Careless Kidnapper

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Mimsy Farmer from #208
Actor Page Mimsy Farmer
There is 1 picture.

Without A Picture From This Episode

Actor Page Thomas Lowell as David Pelham
Actor Page Marilyn Erskine as Susan Pelham *
Actor Page Burt Metcalfe as John Lathrop
Actor Page Mark Slade as Michael Da Vinci
Actor Page Peter Hobbs as Gregory Pelham *
Actor Page Regina Gleason as Mary Manning
Actor Page Tudor Owen as Capt. Horatio Jones
Actor Page Ron Kennedy as Joe Velvet *
Actor Page Gale Gerber as First Girl
Actor Page Francie Karath as Second Girl
Actor Page Pamela Baird as Third Girl
Actor Page Gilbert Gardner as Boy
Actor Page Garland Thompson as Lab Expert
Actor Page Barbara Fuller as Maid
Actor Page Harry Stanton as Judge
Actor Page Lee Miller as Sgt. Brice *

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