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Episode #220: The Case of the Tragic Trophy

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Richard Carlson from #220
Actor Page Richard Carlson
Paul Stewart from #220
Actor Page Paul Stewart
Constance Towers from #220
Actor Page Constance Towers
Patricia Huston from #220
Actor Page Patricia Huston
John Fiedler from #220
Actor Page John Fiedler
George Brenlin from #220
Actor Page George Brenlin
Mimsy Farmer from #220
Actor Page Mimsy Farmer
Alvin Childress from #220
Actor Page Alvin Childress
Reed Hadley from #220
Actor Page Reed Hadley
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Without A Picture From This Episode

Actor Page Robert Bice as Uniformed Man *
Actor Page Walter Mathews as Second Reporter
Actor Page Kenneth MacDonald as Judge *
Actor Page E. J. Andre as Druggist
Actor Page Alex Bookston as First Reporter *
Actor Page Charles McDaniel as Third Reporter
Actor Page Jack Swanson as First Cameraman
Actor Page Russ Whiteman as Second Cameraman
Actor Page Bobby Johnson as Red Cap

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