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Episode #222: The Case of the Latent Lover

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Harold Gould from #222
Actor Page Harold Gould
There is 1 picture.

Without A Picture From This Episode

Actor Page Lloyd Bochner as Eric Pollard
Actor Page Jason Evers as Roy Galen *
Actor Page John Lasell as Dean Franklin *
Actor Page Gilbert Green as Harlan Talbot
Actor Page Marion Moses as Sibyll Pollard *
Actor Page Charlotte Fletcher as Aimee Wynne
Actor Page Douglas Dumbrille as Judge Robert Adler
Actor Page Alexander Lockwood as Autopsy Surgeon
Actor Page Armand Harrison as Nat Rudick
Actor Page Emory Parnell as Leo Mann
Actor Page John Matthews as Dr. Richard Jenkins
Actor Page Charles Irving as Judge No. 2 *
Actor Page Olan Soulé as Court Clerk *
Actor Page Henry Travis as 1st Spectator
Actor Page Richard Reeves as Taxi Cab Driver
Actor Page Robert J. Stevenson as Police Officer *
Actor Page Patricia Joyce as 2nd Spectator

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