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Episode #253: The Case of the Fugitive Fraulein

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Susanne Cramer from #253
Actor Page Susanne Cramer
Jeanette Nolan from #253
Actor Page Jeanette Nolan
Charles Hradilac from #253
Actor Page Charles Hradilac *
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Without A Picture From This Episode

Actor Page Gregory Morton as Wolfgang Stromm *
Actor Page Kevin Hagen as Samuel Carleton
Actor Page Ronald Long as Franz Hoffer *
Actor Page Lilyan Chauvin as Matron
Actor Page Wolfe Barzell as Prof. Hans Ritter
Actor Page Eileen Baral as Elke
Actor Page Barbara Morrison as Woman Magistrate
Actor Page Peter Hellman as German Sergeant
Actor Page Horst Ebersberg as German Border Guard
Actor Page Hans Heyde as Guard at Courtroom
Actor Page George Perina as 2nd Associate Magistrate
Actor Page Shony Alex Braun as Violinist

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