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TV Radio Mirror

February, 1959 Midwest Edition Vol. 51, No.3

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Beefcake, Burrcake:  Raymond Burr (or Perry Mason), his shirt collar opened, sat behind the hotel desk and mulled this question:  "Would you like to do a TV whodunit spectacular starring you, Ellery Queen, and Dragnet's Jack Webb?  The idea would be to present a murder and see who could solve it first."  Burr suddenly grinned and said, "You must be kidding.  Anyway, we're on different networks, so it's impossible.  But it would be interesting." He then said, "I've never had an inclination to do amateur sleuthing but I'm becoming a pretty good amateur lawyer.  I've been reading law books by the pound and, you know, I think some day I might go after a law degree."  Another time consumer for Burr is answering mail.  "I get about 2,000 letters a week.  Out of those, about 300 require a personal answer.  Ages of the writers range from about eight  to eighty and a lot are from women.  From about eighteen on up, they ask if I'm married."  He's a bachelor and says, "Actually, Della is my idea of a perfect woman--or, rather, a combination of Della and Barbara Hale, who plays the part.  Of course, Barbara is already happily married, and in her marriage she's a good partner who does things with her husband and family.  A perfect  woman would be like this."