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25 December 2007

Alumni Links

This page has moved to the Wiki and will no longer be updated here.

Here are a few links to pages about actors who have appeared in Perry Mason episodes.

Robert Brown Who could forget Jason Bolt of HCTB?
Victor Buono [1] King Tut, I just loved this guy
Francis X. Bushman [1] A silent film superstar
Mike Connors Appearing as Joe Mannix (Remember?)
Jackie Coogan From the silents to Uncle Fester
Ellen Corby [1] Known later as Grandma Walton
Yvonne Craig This is Batgirl's official site
Bette Davis What can I say? She's just fantabulous
Angela Dorian [1] A Playmate of the Year
Myrna Fahey [1] Not all that famous but could have been
Alan Hale [1] Stuck on an island for many, many years
David Hedison [4] Voyaged once to the bottom of the sea
David Hedison [8] This is his official website
Sherry Jackson [9] A very versatile actress, film and TV
Frankie Laine Made his acting debut on Perry Mason
June Lockhart Not lost in webspace, she's here
Barbara Luna Has a nice official site
Arlene Martel (aka Arline Sax) Remember Spock's bride?
David McCallum Is he an Uncle or not?
Lee Meriwether [4] Miss America 1955
Diana Millay You've seen her a lot especially in Dark Shadows
Leonard Nimoy A club page with a nice biography
Paul Picerni An unforgetable Untouchable
Edward Platt [5] Will always be 'the chief' to me
Pat Priest [3] I remember her. Do you?
Michael Rennie [1] Star of When the Earth Stood Still
Burt Reynolds The Bandit's Official Home Page
Marion Ross [6] Always a happy day to see her page
Arline Sax (aka Arlene Martel) Remember Spock's bride?
Marian Seldes See! I told you she was famous
Warren Stevens Forbidden Planet, Star Trek and lots more
George Takei His official site...
Gloria Talbott [10] I Married a Monster from Outer Space
Constance Towers So mean that people love her
Adam West Still keeping Gotham City safe
Paul Winchell Jerry & Knucklehead are there too!
Marie Windsor [7] She's just noir fabulous!
Fay Wray [2] The big ape's girlfriend and much more

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