From Episode #224, The Case of the Blonde Bonanza

A Visit To Santa Monica

Early in the show, Della is seen at a restaurant with Dianne Adler. I think this
is the Belle-Vue Restaurant in Santa Monica. It's on the corner of Ocean Avenue
and Santa Monica Boulevard. Built in 1936, its name comes from its great view
of the beach. This intersection was the western end of Route 66 by the way.

Here's a postcard view of the Belle-Vue from some years ago. Take note of the
following features, right to left: The letters RESTAURANT on the edge of the roof,
the two large, slanted windows with planter boxes below, the small window with
letters above it and the entryway with angled walls, one with a planter in front of it.

As Della and Dianne leave the restaurant, we get a good view of the first
window and planter.

A little further out and we get a good view of the bottoms of the letters
of the word "RESTAURANT" on the edge of the roof.

As Dianne makes her way down Ocean Avenue, we catch a glipse of
the second window and planter.

Della watches Diane from the street corner with Ocean Avenue behind
her and sees some nefarious activity near a phone booth.

After the bad guys depart, Della uses the phone booth. It's between the
two large windows, but it wasn't there when Dianne walked by earlier
in the sequence. Cinematic magic I think. The plants are different too.
They try to fool us, but, further on, we can see the small window with
letters above it and the entryway with the angled walls and planter.

The Surf View Cafe

Here's Paul following Dianne to the Surf View Cafe. The "330" on the
door agrees with the address of the joint: 330 Santa Monica Pier.

Out of sequence but a good view of the word "Surf."

Earlier, the word "View" can be easily discerned.

The Breakers Motel

As Montrose Foster walks along, we spot the sign at the Breakers
Motel, 1501 Ocean Avenue. The Bel-Vue restaurant is about
a block behind him. The pier is about a block ahead and off to
the right.

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