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"What one lawyer gives, other lawyer can take away: Old Greek Proverb," Nikolides said. [See 1st photo.] Mike Bedard 4.3.15

The second appearance of the elaborate staircase set, first used in #5, "Sulky Girl". At some point it will be reconfigured to eliminate the curve and put in a landing. DOD 05/04/18

First of four appearances by the astonishingly prolific Whit Bissell. Hard to believe that candle holder wouldn't slide off the table. Also very bad form for Perry and Della to leave the boat with a candle burning. The plot point about the two Mrs. Bradfords turns out to be completely superfluous. The file cabinets that are sometimes behind Della's desk and sometimes behind Gertie's desk seem to be missing completely.

"Imagine (to quote Paul)" a person having their name and address engraved on their key. jfh 04May2018

Whit Bissell was indeed prolific. He even managed 2 appearances in the very short lived " The New Perry Mason" with Monte Markham in the early 1970's. Phil A 20July2018

Origins of the First Mrs. Bradford? The construction of this episode has always puzzled me -- in how the writers and producers developed the elaborate first scene at the beauty parlor, but then did not tie up the unusual circumstances of the first Mrs. Bradford's two years on the road. Maybe they just couldn't fit it into 51 minutes. Do any of our ESG experts know whether her disappearance, amnesia, alien abduction, whatever, got a more complete treatment in the original story? JohnK, 7 October 2018

+The differences between the episode and the novel are fairly substantial. There's only one Mrs. Bradford in the novel; her name is Daphne Milfield and her husband's name is Fred. She neither disappears for several years (as does the episode's first Mrs. Bradford) nor is she the defendant (as is the episode's second Mrs. Bradford). Interestingly, ESG populates the novel with a number of characters whose last names are locations in California: Fred and Daphne Milfield, Harry Van Nuys, T.L. Cameron, Frank Palermo, and Roger and Carol Burbank (the novel's father and daughter defendants). Coincidental? I suspect not. Submitted by BobH, 07 October 2018.