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All of the delightful shots of animals make this a wonderful episode! Submitted by gracep 11/13/2010.

Spoilers?! I'm very surprised the Summary had such blatant spoilers in it... Apparently, someone got overly excited while writing it. I'm also surprised they didn't also spoil Perry's joke while they were at it. Submitted by Arisia, 03/15/18

The Crew Bus? The bus at screen-left at 00:52 of this ep#117 [Car(b)] looks identical to the bus arriving at Fawnskin, CA at 00:54 of Ep#80 TCOT Violent Village. DocRushing ID'd the bus as an "Aerocoach P-372 bearing a Trailways livery (color scheme) but no identifying lettering." DocR subsequently spotted the bus twice in Ep#99 TCOT Singular Double and speculated that the "bus was one which the studio used to shuttle members of the cast or crew or both to and from shoot locations nearby." Surely this further sighting here in ep#117 adds great credence to DocR's proposal that this P-372 was the Paisano Crew's ride to/from location shoots! Added by Gary Woloski, 11/7/12.
+ UPDATE: 2017 Aerocoach photo-article. Gary Woloski, 4/4/17.

When Perry saw Frieda at the zoo with Boris there was no acknowledgement in their greeting. They acted like they were meeting for the first time. They met earlier at Dr. Braun's office. Submitted by H. Mason 11/8/14

Product Placement?? as in: was this episode one big plug for the San Diego Tourism Authority (or whatever agency had that task in 1961)?? Certainly SD is a logical location for a zoo-set episode, but it's hardly a necessary one given that LA has a fine zoo of its own. Combine the rather prominent display of the Kona Kai name with the considerable expense of location shooting at the zoo, and one has to wonder if the road trip had a covert sponsor...or two. Pondered by Notcom, 122016.
+There was a title card thanking both the zoo and the resort at the end. Also, the Hotel del Coronado in San Diego was mentioned but not shown. Submitted by catyron, 12/30/2017.