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Here is another example of the bizarre and terrible treatment of women throughout this series—which is of course a reflection of its time. In the restaurant, Ann Gilrain has made it clear that she doesn’t want to return to her husband, Tom. When the owner breaks up the fight between Gilrain and Hatch, he tells Gilrain to take his wife home. When Hatch tries to stop them, the owner says, “A man's got a right to take his wife home. A cop would tell you the same thing.” What about her right to decide when and where she will be? Getting married means a woman gives up all her rights as an adult? Submitted by gracep 11/28/2010.

The woman as property is prevalent in Perry Mason and other shows, and is still evident today in the "engagement ring," designed to show that the woman has been purchased. Ironically, women brag of their rings! cgraul 7.26.12

Sue Ane Langdon. Dimples and more. Absolutely delicious .. Submitted by MikeReese 12/24/2015.