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“Fat Woman”? Seriously? They couldn’t come up with a better name? Barbara Pepper, a former dance colleague of Lucille Ball, deserves better than that. She had a hard life as a single mom. Submitted by gracep, 11/14/2010.
+ And actually, they did have a name for her. See trivia item above. Submitted by gracep, 12/3/2010.
+ I suspect the producers felt that most viewers wouldn't remember the names of characters that appeared only briefly, so we have "Fat Woman" in the credits instead of "Mrs. Dwyer." Yet the rental agent appeared only briefly (at least in the syndicated version I've seen) but he was listed as "Masters," not "rental agent." So it is still inconsistent. And I agree with you: "Fat Woman" would now be considered unacceptably insulting and insensitive. Just another example of things we occasionly see in Perry Mason that cause us to say "What were they thinking?" Submitted by 65tosspowertrap, 10/10/2013.
+In the credits for Total Recall (1990) actress Priscilla Allen is listed as "Fat Woman". Added by H. Mason 12/11/14
+In the "Everybody Hates Jail" 2006 episode of Everybody Hates Chris, an actress is credited as "Thin Woman." Submitted by DyNama, 2/19/2016.
+I thought the 'fat woman' credit was crummy too but almost oddly appropriate given that none of the other ladies in that 'health' club looked like they needed to lose even an ounce of weight. Added by M.French 11/7/16

The health club in this episode is a trip into the dark ages of fitness. Notice the passive exercise machines, including the belt that supposedly shake-shake-shakes the fat off. And the calisthenics that the instructor has Barbara Pepper and her companions do are *not* a good choice for beginners, for they present a great risk for back strain, etc. The humor is kind of cruel, too — wow, sure is funny watching overweight people trying to improve themselves. Submitted by gracep, 12/3/2010.
+ However, I did enjoy watching Leslie Parrish demonstrate the "Electric Camel." I'm surprised the ladies weren't lining up to take a ride. Submitted by francis, 5/1/12.
+ ... and I certainly enjoyed watching Paul enjoy his ride during the final scene. jfh 23Oct2018.

It was also a bit odd seeing Les Tremayne play a hard-nosed Jack La Lanne type - he seemed to be in shape though! He'd fit right in on those 'Planet Fitness' commercials, yelling at a client! Submitted by MikeReese, 12/6/13.

Smoking Perry After Perry's clean bill of healthy lungs from Dr. Berry, he lights up a cigarette but never smokes it. jfh 23Oct2018.

Forbidden Word: Veronica Temple was supposed to be expecting a baby. The word "pregnant" was never used. This was common for 1950s and early 1960s television. Submitted by H. Mason 11/14/14
When pondering the potential fathers, they used the word "responsible". Which seemed an odd wording. --yelocab 11NOV18

The Paltry Part: Once again Dabbs Greer is asked to play an eccentric and flawed character. He may have overacted them, but I hope he got some sort of extra pay for these dopey roles. JohnK, 14 October 2015

Cynthia Patrick listed as one of the women fencers (Blink and you'll miss her) has very few IMDB credits, but was the featured female (Adad) in The Mole People, 1956 starring John Agar (one Perry Mason credit for him). Submitted by WJones 2/18/16

This episode may set a record- Les Tremayne, Dabs Greer, Alan Baxter, Joan Banks, Richard Derr, Barbara Pepper, and Ed Nelson have a combined 33 PM appearances! Plus we get both Lts Tragg and Anderson. And you gotta love a health club with an ice cream vending machine in the hall. Legal question; why can't someone be charged with blackmailing a spouse? DODay 10/10/17