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An interesting casting choice was made in this episode. According to the story, itís certainly implied, if not directly stated that Charles Cromwell (Kurt Weber) was younger than Maizie Freitag. Yet Barbara Stuart who played Maizie was almost 19 years younger in ďreal lifeĒ than Weber. And as hard as they try with the makeup, Stuart still looks younger than Weber. Submitted by Kenmore, 9/15/2010.
+ It appears that she has more age makeup on in the hospital than when she got out of the taxi earlier. Submitted by Wiseguy70005, 4/06/15.

The facial difference between the young drunk woman who gets out of the taxi and the old heart attack victim at the hospital is so striking that it caused confusion for me in understanding the story. If you told me they were two different actresses, I could believe it...MikeM. 1/12/2017

The song played during the opening scene is the same melody used for my high schoolís Alma Mater, but I recall that itís something more famous. If anyone knows it, please post in Trivia! Submitted by gracenote, 7/12/2011.

Location?: It would be nice to know the distance and direction of some of the cities, towns, etc. in relation to Los Angeles in the Perry Mason Universe. Euclid Heights must be in the same Jurisdiction as Palm View (episode 130) since Sgt. Landro was the police officer in charge and actor Charles Irving was the judge both times. Submitted by H. Mason 11/14/14

We don't see Cromwell discovering the body and it wasn't really mentioned that he had done so. We didn't even see if Haskell was already dead when Cromwell entered. Are we supposed to wonder if Perry's client is really guilty? Submitted by Wiseguy70005, 4/06/15

Rare appearance by a black actor: Morris Erby as the orderly Jonas. Submitted by WJones 2/18/16

Senioritis John Wilder, who played the love smitten student editor, was 25 here...and looked it. While that is by no means unrealistic - even today, and would have made yet more sense in 1961 when enrollment after military service was common - it seems at odds with his behavior...more suited to a high schooler. Graded by Notcom, 020218.