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Another example of the Mason production staff’s curious sense of actor chemistry here. Though middle-aged, indoorsman Paul Tripp seems a bit out of his romantic league with former Playmate of the Month Joan Staley, the two were paired here and again (though less romantically) in episode #157 TCOT Double Entry Mind. Submitted by FredK, 19 November 2010.

Another episode where the women are either controlling and conniving, using others, or utterly naïve and innocent, at the mercy of others. Della is, of course, the exception. Submitted by gracep, 1/7/2011.

I’ve always thought this was a curious episode; Perry’s client seems to border between simply naïve and somewhat “touched” as some of her family believe. Even in the epilogue she hardly seems entirely there! Submitted by Ed Zoerner, 7/23/2011.

An article, "RAYMOND BURR: CLEAN CASES ONLY" by Herbert Mitgang published in the NYTimes late city edition of Sunday, 5 Aug 1962, Section 2, page X13, illustrates the high regard that the public had for "their heroic defense counsel" by Summer '62. The article serves as a credible, positive review of the first five seasons. You can see the article on the NYT microfilm files at your Public Library or read a NYTimes Company reprint here. If you track down the article on microfilm, don't miss Jack Gould's article "SUMMER RERUNS - Rule of Economics Shows Need for More Than One Run for the Money" at the top left of the same page. Submitted by Gary Woloski, 5/29/12.

Raymond Burr has stated in a 1985 interview that Perry Mason ran four years too long. If the show had ended when Burr thinks it should have, this would have been the final episode. Submitted by Wiseguy70005, 7/02/12.
+ I think what RB really meant was "...ran four years and one episode too long": though not as bad as some of the final season's efforts, the cravenous of many of the supporting characters here, combined with the general unlikeableness of Merle - who alternates b/w pathetic and irritating - makes this show one of PM's more unappealing offerings...I think we should all be grateful this wasn't the final show. (OTOH, had they decided to end here, something a la Final Fadeout would probably have been produced, and we might have been spared this episode altogether.) Submitted by Notcom, 012716.

The Party: It was supposed to be for Merle's 21st birthday. The guests seemed to pay no attention to her. She had no friends there (except Danny) and nobody her age. Anyone else think Paul Drake should have arrived earlier than he did? Submitted by H. Mason 12/12/14

Considering the not-so-subtle creepiness of the episode, it doesn't seem all that unusual that 'Merle' seems a bit touched. A birthday party where YOU are the guest of honor, but no one is paying you any attention? And no friends your age? And turning 21 on top of it?? Interestingly (well, to me) there was a Law And Order Criminal Intent episode that used a similar plot device (and, interestingly again, it starred a former Star Trek (Next Gen) actor, Brent Spiner. And it WAS really creepy. Considering how 'loving Aunt Olivia' was so concerned about Merle's welfare, (meaning the money), I wasn't too surprised how everything unfolded. Lastly, were those times filled with young, unemployed-by-choice grifters? Seems that way! Submitted by MikeReese, 1/26/2016

Murder Weapon: The makers of the show did a good job showing the knife in the background when Danny called the messenger service. When Paul called Perry it was missing from the display. There was an opportunity to show the murder weapon in early scenes of episode 105 (TCOT Loquacious Liar) but it didn't happen. Submitted by H. Mason 12/12/14

Why does Corbett remove his jacket and tie to give the package to the delivery service? That staircase set gets yet another workout. Gets almost as much airtime as Perry's office. DODay 11/06/17

The Case of the Nice Caboose: At 16:40 on the DVD, in what looks like an outtake or ad lib, Della appears to be checking out Paul Drake's backside. JohnK, 6 January 2017