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The Curious Coffee Set appears at the Metcalfes’ house. I hope they remember to return it to Della when they are finished with it.

The final confrontation and confession from the spectator gallery (as a bonus, we got TWO witnesses jumping up to testify from their seats ! ) was extremely long, with no 5th amendment admonishments from the judge (in fact, no comments at all). Usually, PM ignores the fact that many of its deaths were caused by self-defense. cgraul 1.8.13

In this case the killer claims that in addition to self defense, the victim was a sexual blackmailer, a sadist and a plagiarist. rackstrawe 3.5.17

It seemed odd to me that Sgt. Brice invited Drake to go with him to investigate Sally Sheldon's room at the hotel and when he asked Drake if he knew her Drake replied no, he had never met the lady. Brice just heard him inquire about her to the desk clerk. Funny he didn't follow up. Submitted WJones 3/16/16.
This struck us as odd as well. Also, I do believe this is the most I’ve heard from Brice in any episode. DODay 11/23/17
+ I don't know about that. Paul is a private detective, he probably makes many inquiries and visits to people he has never met. He is visiting at Mason's request. -yelocab 27FEB18

"In Thomas Paine's COMMON SENSE, the same incident is related by a group of observers...Paine uses the obvious make an Anti-Religious argument," Professor Hewes said in his lecture: Anti-Religious/Anti-Monarchist/Anti-Slavery Rebel TOM PAINE is an overlooked Patriot, but "Common Sense" was a major contribution to the Revolution [text available at]. Mike Bedard 5.27.16.

Spoiler Warning! Do Not Read Below If You Have Not Seen The Episode

Question (Self Defense): Esther said Ronald kept hitting her, but she was home with her husband, Perry and Laura right after the murder and seemed to show no signs of a fight - either physically or emotionally. Submitted by H. Mason 1/14/15
+ Yes, and at the end Mason rushes off to see about Esther's self-defense case, leaving her husband just awkwardly standing in his office with Della, Paul, and the newly-made lovebirds who are profiting from plagiarism! Submitted by catyron, May 5, 2018

Question (Plagiarism): Did Sally continue to pursue plagiarism charges. What she said on the witness stand seemed to show she could prove she wrote the book. Submitted by H. Mason 1/14/15
+ I would imagine she did. She would have gotten part of the royalties (since the book was based on a story by her sister, and expanded upon by the professor). I would assume they could have settled out of court.-yelocab 27FEB18
+ This is maddeningly left unexplained. Estridge, the literary agent all of a sudden wants to marry the plagiarist's widow and nobody speaks up for Sally, the actual author. I hope she gets a good lawyer, pronto because no out-of-court settlement should be accepted, since the plagiarism was based on outright physical theft of Sally's sister's term paper. Submitted by catyron, May 5, 2018

Question (Live Ammo and Blackmail): What happened to Ned for putting live ammo in the gun and blackmailing Dr. Metcalfe? Submitted by H. Mason 1/14/15
+ Another maddening loose end. Submitted by catyron, May 5, 2018

Testimony: Mrs. Williamson said she heard Professor Hewes say "Get out!" Why would that be the first thing he said to Esther if he was trying to extort money from her? Submitted by H. Mason 1/14/15