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Perry makes a great point about the law: “Mr. Baxter, I remind you, the law helps the vigilant before those who sleep on their rights.” Submitted by gracenote, 2/17/2011.
+ Vigilantibus Et Non Dormientibus Jura Subveniunt [Latin:] the law assists those that are vigilant with their rights, and not those that sleep thereupon.
++ Ironically, Perry makes the point in seeking dismissal on the grounds that a confession was made without advice of counsel ! (I will confess I didn't particularly care for this episode: I don't know if it was the [greater-than-usual] legal latitude Perry is given, technical implausibilities in the 'home' movie, or just a pathological dislike for Milton Seltzer, but the requisite happy ending would have had me rolling my eyes..if they hadn't been drooping closed already). Notcom, 052119.

Why is this episode titled TCOT "Decadent Dean"? If he is the head of an independent secondary school, as he seems to be, then Aaron Stuart would be a Headmaster or Head of School -- possibly Principal or President. But not Dean. Submitted by HBM1043, 2/19/2014

Tobin Wade is the Decadent Dean, not Aaron Stuart. - Submitted by 10yearoldfan, 9 March 2014.

Location Names: Any relation between Cliffside Resort seen in this story and Cliffside Heights from episode 179 TCOT Skeleton's Closet? Submitted by H. Mason 2/23/15

SHERIFF is a BLENDED word: The King of England appointed a REEVE to administer a SHIRE/County (SHIRE + REEVE = SHERIFF) [Webster's Unabridged Dictionary]. Mike Bedard 2.27.15.

H.M. Wynant has the distinction of having played victim, murderer, suspect, and prosecutor in various episodes. The whole web of deceit, thefts, and murder could have been prevented by the very simple and logical real estate arrangement described at the end. DODay 12/22/17