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Both Perry and Hamilton address the witness as Madame Zillia instead of her (unknown in the episode) given name, which seems odd since neither holds her fortune-telling in high esteem. I suppose itís possible that she legally changed her name to Zillia! Submitted by Ed Zoerner, 9/2/2011.

Both Merry Anders and Anthony Eisley would appear several times in another of my favorite shows, Dragnet. Submitted by 65tosspowertrap, 12/9/2013.

One of the best scenes in this episode is when Paul asks the hotel desk clerk if the clerk knows where Joyce Carlton is. The clerk looks directly at him and says, "Oh, I might." After Paul tosses a crisp bill on the desk, the clerk looks down at it and says, "And then again, I might not." Paul then forks over some more cash to complete the deal. Submitted by Dan K, 9/10/17.

When Amy finds her dead canary she lets out a blood curdling scream that can be heard through the neighborhood. Yet when she finds the body of a dead man (Bundy) the best she can do is a muffled "Oh". Submitted by Kilo 12/08/2017.

Spoiler Warning! Do Not Read Below If You Have Not Seen The Episode

There is a point never cleared up (at least not in the syndication print I viewed). Who put the audiotape in the fireplace for Amy Scott to find? Was it Bundy or Madame Zillia? (I assume Dora had nothing to do with it, although there was a lot of hinting otherwise.) And was Dora telling the truth about her glasses? Queried by gracenote, 3/16/2011.

Good questions, which I for one did not see answered in the episode on the 2012 Paramount DVD. However, at 32:30, in court Madame Zillia tells Hamilton (run the cursor across the hidden text) that Victor said, " I was to tell the girl I would not see her anymore." So, possibly, Dora told Victor about the tape recorder. Also, no further mention about the glasses. Della needs to return, so that Perry can explain everything to her! Submitted by masonite, 12/5/12.

Madame Zillia had to have somebody helping her. Who killed the canary? Submitted by H. Mason 3/21/15

Another two-fer for Perry: he, of course, provoked a confession from the murderer in the case at the bar plus discovered the murder and murderer of a death heretofore ruled a suicide. jfh 16Jan2018.