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Love is Strange: Why would Dana go back to Sherwood after the way he treated her throughout the story? Submitted by H. Mason 3/30/15

Spoiler Warning! Do Not Read Below If You Have Not Seen The Episode

Questions: Did anything happen to Maggi for not revealing that Ruth was still alive? Did Bill Sherwood have to return the insurance money since Ruth did not die in the plane crash? Submitted by H. Mason 3/30/15

As for Maggie, keep watching for TCOT Disquieted Dressmaker. If I were running the insurance company I would ask for the money back -- $15,000 (per 11:10 of the 2012 Paramount DVD), which has "the same buying power" as $114,000 in 2016. Surely the insurance company would have tried for more-positive identification of the burned body than the beneficiary's say-so, especially for all that money. At the least, would have used dental records. lowercase masonite 3/30/16.

Edie was fleeing Chicago to both run off with the $200,000 and to escape her accomplice. Her ultimate destination was Los Angeles, so why did she want to first fly from Chicago to St. Louis? Why not a nonstop to LA? Per Kabat's testimony (39:49), "There were policeman all over the Chicago airport." I assume that Edie could have changed her appearance and used an alias to flee, rather than risk essentially handing over the $200,000 to a stranger. And if Ruth didn't want her husband to find her, then why return to, and stay in, LA? Especially when she found out that Edie wasn't going to reclaim her luggage from her. lowercase masonite, 3/30/16.