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Flub? About 40 minutes in Paul asks a messenger to drive to another block. As they pull away you can see 2 large square cement posts with an unusual design. As they pull up in the next block, there are the same 2 unique posts. I think they just returned to the same place they left. Submitted by Eric Cooper 30 August 11.

Yes, watch at around 35:50 on the 2012 Paramount DVD. Also the same manhole in the street, drainage on the curb, and cars parked farther up the street. I guess that Frankie Darro just made a U-turn despite Paul's saying, "Drive to the next corner, turn right, and pull up when I tell you to stop." Why couldn't the crew just have filmed the pull-up and stop farther back on the same street? Pressed for time, perhaps, despite Mercury Messenger Service (with non-union drivers?) being available 24/366. Submitted by (lowercase, with a comma and period) masonite, 12/17/12.

Sound Effect: We heard the doorbell ring twice at Adam Conrad's apartment. There was a chime beside the door that should have made a different sound. Submitted by H. Mason 4/18/15

Question: Which newspaper did Quincy Davis work for? There have been several papers introduced in the series: L. A. Chronicle, L.A. Star-News (#29 & 41), L.A. Bulletin (#139), The Evening Star (#156), and L.A. Clarion (#181). Submitted by H. Mason 4/18/15
+ It wasn't mentioned in the 4.23.15 MeTV broadcast; could it be named in the uncut DVD? Mike Bedard 4.24.15
+ It is not mentioned in the uncut DVD. Submitted by D. Tlougan 4/24/15.
What a kick to see that last police car - a Dodge Coronet, the only new car my parents ever bought. It lasted almost 20 years, even with five teenagers learning to drive on it. It finally just sort of fell apart all at once.

Spoiler Warning! Do Not Read Below If You Have Not Seen The Episode

+To me this was one of the easiest cases for viewers to solve. The look on Adam Conrad's face when Hilary Gray told him the house was about to be moved just gave the game away right there. Submitted by PaulDrake 33. 1/15/15.

Another twofer for Perry - but hard to believe that second body would go, uh, unnoticed for so long.

Same Prop? It looks like the same crowbar shown in court that Quincy Davis breaks into the house to be moved and starts prying floor boards. But then again they did mention there were a bunch of tools available at that place! Sunmitted by HamBurger 10/08/2016

He is prying up the floorboards, apparently to get under the house, but unless it's a really old house (not sure about building practices back then) but usually there's a sub-floor underneath the floorboards. They don't look nearly thick enough to support the weight of furniture. Not to mention that his previous ripping up would have ripped out the tongue of the tongue-and-groove used in floorboards. --yelocab 26JUL18