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A cup and saucer from The Curious Coffee Set appear in Carina's apartment in the opening scene. jfh 20Feb2017.

What happened to Perry? His arm is in a sling beneath his suit jacket. Submitted by Francis, 10 June 2011.
+ In a scene at the Club Caribe, Mignon mentions Perry’s accident (but no details are revealed). Submitted by gracenote, 8/17/2011.
+Paul also mentions it in Perry's office: "How's the arm?" cgraul 12.19.12
+ this episode was probably filmed in early 1965. Raymond Burr had taken a fall outside his studio 'cottage' in January. Submitted by dwhite 1.18.13
+ I'm surprised no one is claiming he injured it "while visiting the troops in Vietnam." 65tosspowertrap, 1-18-2014.

The epilogue here is almost all Paul explaining away the solution to the mystery. He has to talk a mile a minute to fit it all in--and I'm still not sure it makes perfect sense! I do like the atmosphere of the Club Carib, though! Ed Zoerner, 7/7/12
+No, not Paul, Hamilton does the explanation. Paul interjects one comment. cgraul 12.19.12
+ As much as I love to see Burger in on the final scene (there are precious few episodes where he is - most memorably TCOT Lame Canary), this is one of the weakest of the epilogues. No one else at the club seems bothered by the fact that they talk loudly while the floor-show is on! dwhite 1.18.13
+Della, stunning in her cocktail dress, does "shush" the men. jfh 02Jun2017.

Raymond Burr is already displaying his tendency to weight which came to total fruition in his wheelchair show, "Ironside." cgraul 12.19.12
+I read somewhere that Raymond Burr lost 100 lbs in order to initially win the role of Perry Mason. I'm certain it was difficult to keep the weight off. jfh 02Jun2017.

With his arm always under his coat, it did not help reduce the appearance of added weight Submitted by Perry Baby 12/12/16.

When Larry is shown in the hospital, there is a strong low-light effect, as if a flashlight was held below his face. As the wall sconces are 6 foot or so high, there is no logical source for this light, and is only a poor effect intended to introduce premonition suspense. cgraul 12.19.12
+It appears to me that the uplight is coming from the street lights below shining up through the windows. jfh 02Jun2017.

Wonder who the casting director was that thought it was a good idea to cast a 58 year old woman (Fay Wray) as some sort of exotic dancer? Submitted by Paul Drake 33. 26 January 2015.
+IMHO, not "exotic" dancer, rather, "cultural" dancer.

I know, I know, it is only a show, but in real life, Hamilton Burger and everyone else on the District Attorney's staff would be forced to recuse themselves in the prosecution of Larry Germaine, one of their colleagues. Submitted by PaulDrake 33, 26 January 2015.
+Which explains why Hamilton seems happy when Perry tells him Larry is withdrawing his 'pro se' and immediately gets on the phone. HamBurger 11/06/2016.

In the courtroom scene, every time Jack Randall (James Griffith) is shown, there appears to be a fluer-de-lis embossed in the wall over his left shoulder; appropriate for an episode so heavily influenced by New Orleans culture. jfh 20Feb2017.

Apparently just about every "swank" apartment in Los Angeles has that screen with elongated stars on diagonal rods, although Carina's place is the first I recall with that groovy wall mounted Hi-Fi system.

The whole story borders on the edge of absurdity. Too many unbelievable situations, even for a melodramatic television episode. This story didn't come from from the bottom of the barrel, it came from under the barrel. Submitted by H. Mason 4/24/15