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The show definitely has a different feel to it from the earlier seasons. It is noticeably lighter, with a great deal of comic relief. The incidental music is different, the theme music is revamped, and all trace of film noir is gone.
+ The new theme arrangement is quite heavy on the saxophones and bass. The new music cues are quite bland -- unlike the great Bernard Hermann music cues of yore. The only trace of film noir was in the scene where Carla was restrained in the prison hospital bed with low key lighting, but i agree, other than that, it was a straight up 1965-style shoot. Submitted by catyron, July 16th, 2018

No matter how many times I see this episode, Burger's statement at Clay's to Perry, "I'd enjoy beating your brains out!" is quite jarring and offensive. jfh 16Jun2017.

It's rare that Perry has a jury to play to, and in this episode he displays his talent in engaging the panel during a cross-examination. Submitted by francis, 3/18/13.

For the first show of season 9 (not sure filming order), it did have a different feel than season 8. Raymond appears to have lost weight and appeared less burdened than the prior season. He was engaged in the story from the beginning unlike the prior season. I think one aspect that dates Perry Mason shows is all the shows involving Victorian (?) mansions. It is now the mid-60s. Perry Baby 12/3/13
One might assume (perhaps incorrectly) that the production numbers given at the end of the episode indicate the production order. In that case this episode is the fifth-produced episode of the season:

0831 The 12th Wildcat (aired October 31)
0832 The Runaway Racer (November 14)
0833 The Cheating Chancellor (October 3)
0834 The Fatal Fortune (September 19)
0835 The Laughing Lady (September 12)
0836 The Candy Queen (September 26)
0837 The Impetuous Imp (October 10)
etc. Submitted by Wiseguy70005, 12/9/13.

Listen closely to the testimony of Leona Devore (Constance Cummings) and Peter Stange (Bernard Fox). During Perry’s cross examination of Devore she says “I ran back to the car and started off…and then, as the lights swept across the house, I heard her laugh, a mad hysterical laugh.” It was, of course, the laugh of the Mynah bird. Later, during Perry’s questioning of Stange, we learn that the bird “was outside where you left him when you heard Leona Devore’s car coming.” These two accounts don’t jibe but no one in court seemed to notice. Submitted by Charles Richmond, 7/27/2003.
+ The whole mynah bird aspect of the story is really confusing and frustrating to me. Why would anyone put a live bird in a supposedly rare antique cage? Even if it was a fake, you would think that they would want to avoid having a bird soiling it. And where was the bird when we saw the cage at the opening at the art gallery on TV? And where was the bird when Perry looked at the cage when he visited the gallery? Submitted by Neil Van Zile, 6/27/2014

There is a very touching scene at the end of this episode. Leona, the troubled girl, is in Perry's office to settle up her bill. She says that she knows Perry and Paul's time is worth something, but it's clear she doesn't have much money to her name.

She estimates the cost to be around $170, as Perry asks Della to bring her account to him. The camera pans downs and shows the actual fee to be over $1,700. Below that it reads: "No Charge."

Perry tells Leona that she made a mistake in her figures, and that the bill comes to $160. Leona gives him $10 down, and promises to continue paying when she gets a job.

Perry then tells Della to give the $160 to charity. A nice PM moment. 4/8/18

"In 1900 a crisis erupted in China as the 'Boxers' increased their resistance to foreign influence and presence...US Marines participated in several actions in China...3 officers who served in the Boxer Rebellion went on to become Commandants of the Marine Corps" observes ("US Marines in the Boxer Rebellion" Prologue Magazine Winter 1999). Mike Bedard 2.9.15.