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While many PM episodes are often hard to follow, this one really eludes me. I could not for the life of me see what the motive of the two killers was since it was made very clear that the son was written out of the will, and his cohort also had nothing to gain from the death of the owner. It was an entertaining episode, but I saw no motive at all for the killers. Submitted by dickieC, Apr 24, 2013

This may be a reflection of William Bast's unfamiliarity with the PM oeuvre. Although he had written for several shows, and would go on to scribe many more, this was is first foray into PM cases. (Incidentally, he was also James Dean's "boyfriend" at the time of Dean's death.) cgraul 5.6.14

I don't know if the episode actually made the points or not, but thinking back on it, I feel like the killers killed Max and framed Pat, knowing that Pat couldn't inherit Max's estate if convicted which would throw the will into probate. That's not really such an uncommon motive in murder mysteries. Submitted by DyNama, 2014.05.09.

I think it's inferred the son is unaware of the disinheritance, since much is made of the fact that he was in Brazil and had no contact for several years. Indeed, the provision of "leaving him a dollar" is to preclude him contesting the will if/when he should learn of its provisions. Submitted by Notcom, 060316.

What I find disturbing is Max' change of behavior: he becomes controlling and paranoid. He told her while courting that he knew she wasn't in love with him, and that was okay, but he didn't want her love, he wanted her obedience. Pat may not have known of this side of Max but the killers counted on it and fanned the flames. We were not told, however, why he thought she wanted to murder him--we don't know how much time elapsed but surely they were still in the honeymoon stage. Submitted by DyNama, 2014.05.09.

Although post-trial get-togethers are de rigueur for the office staff - sometimes Burger and/or Tragg even show up - it isn't often that the defendant will join in for a full dinner...but why shouldn't Pat come along ??? Other than the fact that her best friend and her "Prince Charming" conspired to murder her husband (the latter's father) and she'll be stuck with a hefty legal bill, what's not to celebrate ??? Pondered by Notcom, 060316.