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During the student demonstration Shirley Logan says, "You came to college to drive your convertibles and do 'The Swim'." Bobby Freeman's "C'mon and Swim" (#5 Pop, #5 R&B) was released in 1964 and became a popular dance craze. Nice pop culture reference for the time. Submitted by Mason Jar 8/23/11

"Corpus Ridiculus, the Season Nine Runner-Up." Were it not for Richard Carlson's assuming a weird "palm's up" position in "TCOT Avenging Angel" (#263), the winner of this season's CR Award would probably be Barry Atwater, whose body is found stretched far too far over his office desk with his left hand tucked nicely in at his side. Probably the only way the entire top half of his body could remain as it's found atop the desk would be if he were fully impaled by the paper spike onto it, and, given the murderer's identity, I doubt that was the scriptwriter's intent. Submitted by BobH, 30 January 2018.

The set designers often showed questionable taste in wallpaper, but they outdid themselves with the ugly and clashing patterns in the Logan house. DOD 3/20/18

   Amazing how much Michael Walker looks like his brother, Robert Walker Jr.  I really thought it was Robert who acted in this episode. Robert was noted for

his role in the original Star Trek episode, Charlie X.

   Feat of Clay  4/9/18.