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All day parking at the courthouse is 75. Such a deal! Cost of a first-class stamp: $0.05 Cost of a gallon of regular gas: $0.31 Cost of a dozen eggs: $0.53 Cost of a gallon of Milk: $0.95 1965 prices Submitted 8/30/2011 Mason Jar

I find it odd that Paul, the excellent detective he is, did not chase down the guy he ran into after he heard the scream and shot especially since Perry was already ahead of him toward the scream. Perry Baby 12/17/13
+ VERY TRUE! I thought the same thing, especially since it's a night time, after hearing a scream AND a gunshot! ...and Paul even carries a gun, so why not run after the guy?!!! They could have at least made Paul fall down or something, so the guy could "legitimately" get away. ;-> Submitted by mesave31, 03/14/15.

When did the Los Angeles Chronicle become a sleazy rag? The paper seemed to lean toward sensationalism, but not dirt. The three stories we saw were supposedly written by Ted Halberson. Perry said Halberson was a "scandal sheet reporter" and Paul, when talking about the Selff situation, said "Decent papers won't touch it." (Wasn't the Chronicle a decent paper?) There were four other newspapers in the series why wasn't one of those papers used for this story? Submitted by H. Mason 9/29/14
+ Must have happened after Joes Davies took over...looks like the haters were right. Interjected by Notcom, 061016.

This is no less than the fourth episode in the last twelve, and the second in a row, in which the plot revolves around someone being thought dead, who isn't...I think the writers were running out of ideas. Pondered by Notcom, 061016.

+The previous episode, "The 12th Wildcat," was the first episode filmed this season (and the following episode, "The Runaway Racer" was the second). "The Wrathful Wraith" was the tenth. For some reason, the first two episodes filmed were held over for a month or two. The similarity in plot probably wasn't noticed when the episodes were scheduled. Submitted by Wiseguy70005, 12/27/17.

I wonder why the writer's picked North Carolina as the location of the nudist colony. I would think somewhere in California would be more logical. Submitted by Perry Baby (in NC) 1/8/17.

It was nice to see a fortune teller and clairvoyant treated as a fairly decent and loyal person. Perry did not believe she was anything but a fraud, yet she behaved with dignity and compassion the entire time. Submitted by catyron, July 25th, 2018