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This episode differs from most others in an important way: the murder takes place at the very beginning. Normally, we have 20 minutes or so of seeing the soon-to-be victim mistreating everyone! This of course builds up the suspect list. In this episodes, all of the motivations have to be explained after the fact—a little less effective in my view. Submitted by Ed Zoerner, 9/15/2009.

Actually, the murder has happened before the episode even begins and we never see our victim; we do hear his voice, but briefly, and he sounds very much like Edward Platt, best known as "Chief" on "Get Smart". Holly Andrew's apartment set was also used in 'TCOT Silent Six'. Perry drives his Lincoln during the accident scene, but is shown exiting a Galaxie at the courthouse. DOD 04/12/19

So just who is playing the court clerk? He has a line, but no credit! Queried by gracenote, 5/31/2011.

Continuity: When Perry is getting his first aid kit to help the injured Holly he is standing in the open door of his car facing the interior. When the shot cuts to a closeup he is standing at the rear fender facing away from the car. Kilo 11/6/2018.

Spoiler Warning! Do Not Read Below If You Have Not Seen The Episode

Another difference is that an important clue to the solution of the murder is given up front. In fact, so many times was that clue brought to the viewer’s attention that for the only time since I have started watching Perry I was able to solve the murder in the first five minutes of the show, which was both gratifying and disappointing. (No surprise at the end.) Submitted by gracenote, 5/31/2011.
+Me too. The close-up of the watch-face was the clincher give-away for me. A nicely played show, but the solution was too easy. Submitted by catyron, August 2nd, 2018