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Interesting spin in this show. Don Hobart is the first suspect - but Perry makes it clear that he's going to get to the truth .. and boy, does he. So ... and this show is the first time I can think of that Perry is not only speechless, but pretty darn ticked off, as well, when it ends. Posted by MikeReese, 5/17/2013
+ The "spin" used in this episode is similar to the one used in #215, TCOT Sleepy Slayer. Submitted by Bill-W2XOY on 08/17/13..

If only had Cynthia Perkins noticed a gun missing in the gun case when she left to follow Hobart, it would have been a quick show but she should have known all a long. A little bit of police brutality and letting a non-law enforcement officer slap someone in the sheriff's office. Alas, just 10 more episodes from the DVD collection to watch. Submitted by Perry Baby 1/18/14.

"Deputy" comes from an Old French word meaning "to assign authority, a function, etc. to" (Webster's Unabridged Dictionary). Mike Bedard 3.4.15.

This CLASSIC combines the ECLECTIC features that made PM a 9-Year Phenomenon: a Country setting, a Small-town Sheriff's Dept. "Lab technician/Fingerprint expert/Ballistics man" & a high-Powered client Perry takes on. "Ballistics" comes from a Greek word, "to throw"/"an ancient machine for throwing stones or other missiles" (Webster's Unabridged Dictionary). The Tyrannical client reminds PM of his $10K Annual Retainer; Perry counters with his duties as "an Officer of the court, a Citizen & a Human Being" and upholds the "Benefit of Counsel," Amendment 6: "In all Criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy THE RIGHT...TO HAVE THE ASSISTANCE OF COUNSEL FOR HIS DEFENSE." With Only 10 left to go, the series was Still HIGH QUALITY in its 261st episode! Mike Bedard 3.6.15.

There is a certain look and pacing to PM episodes, which most directors try to adhere to. The direction here is stilted, unimaginative and lackluster. Disappointing, and the extreme close-ups used do nothing to help. cgraul 6.25.16
+ I couldn't agree more: although (as Mike notes above) every imaginable cliché was squeezed in, apparently they had to cut things out to compensate, and what they cut out was continuity, plot, plays more like a Peyton Place highlights reel than a Perry Mason episode. Notcom, 062516.

The shooting range seems to be in a poor location. People that approach on the path end up being behind the targets as in the case when Howard Baylor makes one last shot with the pistol after being summoned his father - one errant shot and the butler would have got it. As I write this, we learn that Barbara Hale (Della) passed away yesterday. May she rest in peace. Submitted by Perry Baby 1/29/17
+ The butler was pretty meek for someone who was almost used for target practice!. Submitted by catyron, August 9th, 2018

Interesting that when Aaron Chambers shines his flashlight on Perry, Paul and Della it's not turned on! In that same shot it also appears that the room lights are already on. (Thus negating the need for the flashlight.) In the next shot the lights are off and the flashlight is on. Kilo 11/10/2018.