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I don't know if a question counts as a comment, but: does anyone know WHY this episode, and only this one, was shot in color? I actually prefer the black-and-white presentation. Submitted by Ed Zoerner, 3/1/11.

+ I think I have an answer. On the introduction to "Twice Told Twist" on the 50th Anniversary of Perry Mason DVD, Arthur Marx related that Mr. Paley, the head of CBS wanted to see a Perry Mason episode in color in case the show was renewed for a 10th season. Perry Mason was not renewed of course. Submitted by Kenmore 10/27/2012.

Bad Accent Dept. Lisa Pera plays a Mexican woman but sounds more like she hails from Transylvania. I often wonder why the producers didn't just cast a native Latino actress, in this instance, with a believable accent. [I don't know what nationality Ms. Pera is, but her son Radames played the young (half-Chinese) Kwai Chang Caine in the Kung Fu TV series, so go figure.] Submitted by francis, 5/6/13

I liked the color and wish the last season had been in color. It may have helped it stay on the air another season. The color opening features Perry with the new haircut. The interesting part is sets used in B&W were often painted shades of green. In the courtroom, the wood is grayish with purplish trim. Perry Baby 1/18/14
+ Amen! The Network execs could have asked for a Trio to get a better idea. Mike Bedard 3.5.15.

26 COLOR MOVIES began 19 years later with "PERRY MASON RETURNS," followed by TCOT Notorious Nun & Shooting Star ('86); TCOT Lost Love, Sinister Spirit, Murdered Madam & Scandalous Scoundrel ('87); TCOT Avenging Ace & Lady In The Lake ('88); TCOT Lethal Lesson, Musical Murder & All-Star Assassin ('89); TCOT Poisoned Pen, Desperate Deception, Silenced Singer & Defiant Daughter ('90); TCOT Ruthless Reporter, Maligned Model, Glass Coffin & Fatal Fashion ('91); TCOT Fatal Framing, Reckless Romeo & Heartbroken Bride ('92); TCOT Skin-Deep Scandal, Telltale Talk Show Host & Killer Kiss ('93) [IMDb RB Filmography]. Mike Bedard 3.5.15.