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The deep-voiced man referred to as Phil, the director, is not credited. Could he in fact be one of the real directors on the series? Submitted by gracenote, 6/17/2011.

I finally finished watching the entire series from DVD's I had purchased over the years. My addiction to Perry Mason started when Ted Turner's new TBS Superstation starting broadcasting Perry Mason every day for years and thanks to the VCR I could record them for delayed viewing. The core casting was perfect although I never felt the characters that replaced Tragg had the humor that Ray Collins brought to the role. The series had lost some of its quickness due to Raymond Burr's weight and health issues in season 7 and 8 although season 9 was better than the previous two seasons. As Perry says in the last scene, you start at the beginning so I will start again watching them regularly starting with Season 1. Submitted by Perry Baby 2/8/14

After the judge dismisses the charges against Jackson Sidemark, Hamilton Burger tells Mr. Sidemark, "You're free for the moment, but I'm not through with you". Surely Hamilton must know that once the preliminary hearing starts, witnesses are sworn, evidence introduced, and testimony given, jeopardy has been attached. Once the charges are dismissed against Mr. Sidemark, the rule of double jeopardy applies and he can no longer be made to answer for the murder of Barry Conrad. Submitted by PaulDrake 33. 4 March 2014.
+Jeopardy does not attach until a jury is impaneled. Submitted by D. Tlougan, 5/1/15.
+Actually, you are both a bit off. There is no requirement of a jury; bench trials are frequently held. And the jeopardy is not dependent upon impaneling of a jury; in a bench trial it attaches upon swearing in the first witness. It can also be upon a change of plea entered and accepted by the court.
+Preliminary hearings are have no risk of conviction, as they only determine that a crime has been committed and the defendant should be bound over (probable cause) (which is not determined "beyond a reasonable doubt." cgraul 4.13.17

Pete Desmond (Jackie Coogan), tells Paul Drake that the reason he committed perjury was to help his friend Jackson Sidemark. Mr. Desmond tells Paul that he saw this ploy in a movie. The movie to which Mr. Desmond is referring is the wonderful 1957 movie "Witness For The Prosecution". Submitted by PaulDrake 33. 4 March 2014.

The name of the fictional producer in this episode, Jackson Sidemark, pays tribute to the real-life producers of Perry Mason, Gail Patrick Jackson, the executive producer, and Art Seid and Arthur Marks, the producers. Submitted by DyNama, 6/13/2014.

The final episode of Perry concerned evil doings around a television show. This was probably designed to give all the behind-the-scenes workers a chance to come in front of the cameras and introduce themselves and say a little about their jobs. Submitted by PaulDrake 33. 4 March 2014.
+Coincidentally on May 22, 1966, "In LA, the 18th Annual Emmy Awards are presented to 'The Fugitive [Outstanding Drama],' 'The Dick Van Dyke Show [Outstanding Comedy],' DVD/Leading Actor-Comedy & Mary Tyler Moore/Leading Actress-Comedy," wikipedia observes [ 5.22.66 page]. Mike Bedard 3.19.15: MeTV AM airing of Episode 271.

FF has 2 Perry Rarities: Multiple Murders & One the viewers actually witness. Mike Bedard 3.19.15

The final line of the final show belongs to Perry. "Now it seems to me the place to start is at the beginning". What a wonderful boss and co-worker Raymond Burr must have been, considering how many people did the whole 9 years. Submitted by PaulDrake 33. 4 March 2014.
+AMEN! The series came Full Circle! Mike Bedard 2.27.15.

The show never had a Christmas episode. Submitted by Perry Baby 10/17/16.

I've just finished watching every episode on DVD and have read every page here right after watching each episode. A couple of minor things have bugged me. The same interior has been used many times for a wealthy person's house. The same staircase, lobby and study, with only minor changes. Never seen that mentioned in these pages. Also none of the exteriors used for Perry's office could be possible as Perry's office has a balcony and none of the buildings shown has balconies. Submitted by Larry Baby 10/23/17.

+ Excellent observation, Larry. Don't forget this show was associated with the low-budget Columbia Pictures system, so those interiors also likely appeared in the works of The Three Stooges, as well as the Boston Blackie series. JohnK, 23 October 2017.