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When Patricia Taylor is in Mason's office she picks up the phone and calls Hamilton Burger, dialing his number from memory. How would she know the DA's phone #, and have it memorized? Submitted by Craig 3/5/10
+ The District Attorney is evidently a friend of the Senator and his wife. Maybe they are political cronies. Added by alan_sings, 11/29/2014.

By today's standards of Due Process, Tragg contaminated the line-up by informing the witness that one of the men was a suspect, fit the witness' description, and owned a car as described by the witness. This is known as a subtle "force." cgraul 7.10.12
+ And the id -- "he's the one on the end" -- is unclear. Which end: the right or the left? Mike Bedard 5.24.16 MeTV viewing.

Perry needs to improve his office security. Patricia Taylor strolls in and is put to work typing documents without being asked to show any ID or proof that she was actually sent from the agency. And why would Perry allow an outsider to see possibly sensitive documents? There will be an even worse security breach in the next episode. Submitted by 65tosspowertrap, 4-29-14.

One of the few cases where we learn about Perry's fee. $5000 in 1958 is like $42,000 now. Submitted by vgy7ujm, 01/16/2015.

Spoiler Warning! Do Not Read Below If You Have Not Seen The Episode

This may be the only Perry episode where the murderer sits at the defense table with Perry and Della. Submitted by PaulDrake 33.

Alan Marshall was both a defendant and a murderer. Submitted by daveb, date unknown.

The description of this episode from The Perry Mason TV Show Book contains a spoiler (Jefferson/Kincaid) that should not have been included at the top of this episode's page. In addition, mention of this subplot should only be written in this section warning of spoilers. Submitted by Wiseguy70005, 2/15/14.

When the body of Mr. Baxter is pushed into the ocean it is clear a stunt double was used. Jack Raine played Mr. Baxter and was bald on top; but the stunt double clearly had a full head of hair and is wearing a very obvious bald scalp piece. See the Paramount DVD at 9:25. Added by Exquisite Decay, 9/11/14.

Questions: What made Paul and Perry follow Walter Loomis to the trailer? After freeing the real Jefferson why didn't they take him to the police? Since (real) Jefferson's existence was a surprise to Burger what happened to Lumis, his wife and the guard? If they had been arrested that night surely Burger would have been notified. Submitted by H. Mason 10/9/14

LOST CASE #1 of 4? By my reckoning, this is one of (at least) four known lost cases in the Perry Mason series, the others being:

  • The murder trial of Janice Barton in Ep. 185, TCOT Deadly Verdict, in which her innocence is only proven after the fact.
  • A civil case that Perry lost in front of Judge Daniel Redmond at the beginning of Ep. 181, TCOT Witless Witness.
  • Another civil case near the beginning of Ep. 267, TCOT Dead Ringer in which Perry was framed by an impostor for trying to bribe a witness.

(Though these last two were not the featured cases of these episodes, they were still cases that Mason lost). I know that Perry is usually given a pass on the Duane Jefferson case because of the impersonation. But still, he earnestly tried to defend the man sitting next to him, and he lost. The fact that the man will be tried again later under his own name and with untainted evidence still doesn't alter the fact that Perry lost the first trial. If anyone knows of additional lost cases, please add them here. Submitted by alan_sings, 11/29/2014.
+ Perry can only successfully defend with the truth. He cannot successfully defend dishonesty. jfh 08May2017.