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There is an awful lot of smoking in this episode. At least two of the characters are never seen without a cigarette in their hand. Submitted by gracep, 8/25/2010.
+ Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek ran against the character-smoking tide of the '60s. Mike Bedard 6.20.16.
++ a quote from a TV Guide article on February 21, 1959:
"Burr chuckled. 'Funny,' he said, 'we've got a cigarette sponsor this season and all of a sudden the scripts are loaded with smoking.' "
OLEF641; 10/19/2017.

Lt. Tragg was in a very playful mood when he delivered the arrest warrant. Submitted by MikeM, 11/01/2012
+ "You're it," the Lieutenant says, as he hands the warrant to Frank. Mike B.
++ Thankfully!! Tragg's bit of levity - small tho it was - along with a similar witticism from Richard Erdman were the only things I found to enjoy in this otherwise lifeless episode. Grumbled by Notcom, 102017.
*** Funny how different minds differ: I don't like anything about Tragg, but I really enjoy this episode! It's noir-ish without being ghoulish, more like the earlier episodes; it's classy without being stuffy; it's playful; it has a happy ending with the long-married couple being brought even closer by the truth. Great stuff! jfh 11Jul2018

Jury trial?: a couple of the camera shots suggested this was a jury trial. When the judge told the recorder to remove a statement made by West from the record he did not instruct the jury to ignore it. Submitted by H. Mason 10/18/14

Charge her: Did anything happen to Helen? She knew who killed both people. Many of these stories need a few extra lines of dialog in the final scene to let the viewers know some of the other crimes didn't go unpunished. Submitted by H. Mason 10/18/14
2 Flourishes: Perry & Hamilton quote Shakespeare in a Theater case; a Witness identifies the Murderer in Open court. Mike B. 6.23.16.
Not picking on any specific episode, I find it funny how new evidence is handled by the clerk. Paper is often stamped with some rubber stamp . Submitted by Perry Baby 1/11/18