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Gotta love Burgerís bow tie in this one! Submitted by Ed Zoerner, 3/18/2011.

I thought I heard Las Vegas attorney Hibberly say that the residency requirement, for filing for divorce in Nevada, was 44 days. The current requirement appears to be six weeks, or 42 days. Submitted by MikeM, 11/08/2012.

As Tragg leads Chapman away from the crashed car, it looks like the back of Chapman's jacket has straw all over it. DOD 07/23/18

IMHO, especially in profile, Mary La Roche bears a striking resemblace to Joan Crawford. jfh 13Jul2017.

Spoiler Warning! Do Not Read Below If You Have Not Seen The Episode

Hibberly seemed VERY jovial for someone who knew he'd killed a person! Brrr! Submitted by MikeReese, 9/20/2013

Question: Was Virginia Hobart charged as an accessory in the murder or just fraud? Submitted by H. Mason 10/22/14

Kudos to director Arthur Marks for his use of film noir styling in this one -- there's lots going on with mirrors and shadows. JohnK 17 November 2016

Audio changes The audio quality changes in the 3rd season. The sound almost sounds like it is in confined space (compressed, less bandwidth) compared to the airy sound of prior seasons. I listen with headphones and can easily hear the difference. Submitted by Perry Baby 1/11/18