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Though not the most dynamic, this episode strikes me as one of the better-plotted and therefore pleasing ones. All of the characters behave consistently, Perry doesn’t have to pull any previously unknown facts out of his hat at the last minute, and the audience doesn’t have to figure out any puzzling loose ends at the finale. Submitted by Ed Zoerner, 3/18/2011.

In this episode Fay Wray demonstrates why she is one of the most gifted yet underrated actresses. She delivers an Emmy-worthy performance. Submitted by francis, 2/29/12.

The mysterious Raphael O'Connor. Some interesting history regarding the Irish in South America. Submitted by Mason Jar 5/8/2012

Fay Wray wrote a memoir with the delicious title, "On the Other Hand".

Another story with questions about the future of some of the characters. What happened to Fred Bushmiller? With Lorna dead, what happened to Harriet Snow and Dennis Briggs? Did they get proceeds from the lake property? Was Betty entitled to any of the estate? Submitted by H. Mason 10/23/14

Sunset Similarities? This story has many elements in common with Sunset Boulevard, the acclaimed film from 1950. I'm a writer, although not a screenwriter, and it bugs me that the PM people borrowed so freely from the hard-won ideas of others. I wonder what the reviews said at the time. JohnK, 17 December 2015

Well, I wouldn't get yourself too upset by the 'borrowing' of ideas. Back in those days, it was considered to be more of a compliment, NOT plagiarism; ESPECIALLY when the show was as popular as PM. I guarantee that, had it been considered, in any way, to be plagiarism, there would've been a major lawsuit, and PM would never have made it 9 seasons. To put it simply, the 'borrowing' was deliberate, and appreciated. By making viewers think of Sunset Boulevard, they renewed people's interest in the movie, causing them to watch it again... Submitted by Arisia, 02/20/18

Classic Line (said by Bushmiller to Briggs) "It's just not your day to be murdered, that's all"...oh that only more people could hear that !! Notcom, 110417.