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Jerome Cowan is excellent (and humorous) as shady "business manager" Victor Latimore. He is particularly adept at exploiting the comic potential of the scene in which Latimore finds out that "gangster" Lou Caporale is sitting in his outer office and then tries--unsuccessfully, of course--to toss Caporale out. Submitted by BobH, 24 September 2016.

+"Anybody Can Type." Latimore's employment of his comely "secretary" Doris, and Perry's bemused reaction to her, calls to mind the classic scene in Howard Hawks's "Monkey Business" (1952) where Charles Coburn insists that his secretary, Marilyn Monroe, find someone else to type an important letter. Upon her leaving the room, Coburn turns to Cary Grant, shrugs, and says "Anybody can type." Submitted by BobH, 5 June 2018.

So, this episode could've been called "The Case of the Suspect's Shoe" since Lurene Tuttle played both the suspect here and the shoplifter (Ep #166 - TCOT Shoplifter's Shoe") 4 years later. Submitted by Arisia 02/23/18

When Surette enters Allen's house, she leaves the door slightly open. When Caporale is lurking outside the door, it is closed.

Spoiler Warning! Do Not Read Below If You Have Not Seen The Episode

Questions: What happened to Mr. Curtis? Was he shown leniency or charged as an accessory to the murder? Submitted by H. Mason 10/25/14

Did Lt. Tragg really suggest to Perry that it would be easy for a little old lady to get a dead adult male body from an upstairs balcony and down to a car parked in front of the house...because it was downhill all the way?...MikeM. 7/19/2016

After Caporale watches Surette drive off, does he not go back to the house and find the body? Hard to believe he'd just shrug and leave himself. DOD 08/05/18
+ Hard to believe that Joyce and Ralph could have done it either, even working together. DOD 08/05/18

How did the body get off the deck? Bizyfe0415 8/6/18