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In comparison to the usual knives, fireplace pokers and guns left in the glovebox, this episode features a most unique murder weapon. See for yourself. Submitted by Bill-W2XOY on 08/15/2013.

Semantics: The victim was poisoned. The item was not necessarily a weapon, but a unique way to deliver the prussic acid. Submitted by H. Mason 10/29/14

Hard to believe the item (we have avoided mentioning above) was not removed by the person responsible for Flavia's death. Submitted by H. Mason 10/30/14

One of the episodes where Perry has a "rush job" for Paul. Submitted by HamBurger 8/9/2014

Venue: given the (initial) lack of certainty as to whether/not this was actually murder, this case would seem to have been an excellent one to have either taken place at a coroner's inquest, or simply investigated ex curia ( a la TCO a Place Called Midnight). Granted, there are many other shows where there is an absurd lack of evidence against Perry's client, and that lack doesn't prevent prosecution, but this is one of the few - maybe only - ones where the deficiency is so clearly pointed out in the proceedings. And of course it also would have been convenient to skip the courtroom since show was lacking a permanent DA at the time. Submitted by Notcom, 103115

This episode contains one of the most absurd scenes in any show, especially a PM episode: After Flavia collapses, Charles goes to her, she states she is poisoned, and he dumps her head back on the floor and rushes around, grabbing the bottle, running to the water fountain, back to the office ... all while his wife is lying on the ground dying. Does he call the police? Yell for help? Nope, just this ridiculous jumping around while she lies alone on the floor. cgraul 11.11.16