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In comparison to the usual knives, fireplace pokers and guns left in the glovebox, this episode features a most unique murder weapon. See for yourself. Submitted by Bill-W2XOY on 08/15/2013.

Semantics: The victim was poisoned. The item was not necessarily a weapon, but a unique way to deliver the prussic acid. Submitted by H. Mason 10/29/14

Hard to believe the item (we have avoided mentioning above) was not removed by the person responsible for Flavia's death. Submitted by H. Mason 10/30/14

It caught my attention when the medical examiner looked down at the fully clothed Flavia lying on the floor and said, “No postmortem lividity.” Postmortem lividity is the pooling of blood in the lower or dependent parts of the body, blood caused to settle by gravity, and in a person who died supine it would be visible from the back and sides (the victim’s clothes having been removed). Not sure how he was able to tell by looking at her face! Submitted by Dan K, 6 January 2019.

One of the episodes where Perry has a "rush job" for Paul. Submitted by HamBurger 8/9/2014

Clairvoyance: Early on when Henry De Garmo is trying desperately to reach Flavia, he says, "I don't care of the lines to Los Angeles ARE busy; try wireless or something!" . Too bad texting wasn't around, huh (sure, he meant radio...) :-D Submitted by Arisia, 03/02/18

Venue: given the (initial) lack of certainty as to whether/not this was actually murder, this case would seem to have been an excellent one to have either taken place at a coroner's inquest, or simply investigated ex curia ( a la TCO a Place Called Midnight). Granted, there are many other shows where there is an absurd lack of evidence against Perry's client, and that lack doesn't prevent prosecution, but this is one of the few - maybe only - ones where the deficiency is so clearly pointed out in the proceedings. And of course it also would have been convenient to skip the courtroom since show was lacking a permanent DA at the time. Submitted by Notcom, 103115

This episode contains one of the most absurd scenes in any show, especially a PM episode: After Flavia collapses, Charles goes to her, she states she is poisoned, and he dumps her head back on the floor and rushes around, grabbing the bottle, running to the water fountain, back to the office ... all while his wife is lying on the ground dying. Does he call the police? Yell for help? Nope, just this ridiculous jumping around while she lies alone on the floor. cgraul 11.11.16
+ Actually it was NOT absurd at all. Have you ever heard one of the definitions of 'mixed emotions'? It's "watching your mother-in-law drive over the cliff in your brand new Mercedes". Charles was paralyzed by a number of mixed emotions. First, he wanted a divorce but, she wouldn't give him one; second, he had just found out that Flavia literally owned EVERYTHING. Third, Hope gave him that bottle of champagne, and if it DID contain poison, he wanted to protect her. Fourth, her dying would be the perfect solution to every single problem in his life. So, he was LITERALLY frozen and unable to act (clearly or otherwise) due to the mixed emotions flooding his brain. This happens very often in real life too. How many times have you thought, "Gee, I should have done (or said) such-and-such!" Submitted by Arisia, 03/02/18

To me, John Conte strongly resembles Richard Conte who starred in more than 100 films in the 1930s-70s, although I can find no reference to any family ties between the two. jfh 23Aug2018.

On the DVD closing credits we see a bottle of Colgates Florient Floral Air Deordorant, Kills Offensive Odor. Submitted by Kilo 5/23/2018.