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The defendant, "Bob Lansing," seems friendly enough, but agreeing to share a motel room with a creepy stranger seems a bit of a stretch. (And one hopes there was a cot somewhere, because there appeared to be only one bed.) Submitted by francis, 3/19/12.

Walter Burke, whom we last spotted as Frankie Laine's diminutive flunky in TCOT Jaded Joker, has gone up in the world -- here as rural DA James Blackburn. Submitted by francis, 3/19/12

Murder weapons: You usually wouldn't think of a bookend as a murder weapon, but through 93 stories it was used three times (also in 46 & 55). That's the same number of times a fireplace poker was used (episodes 12, 44 and the second murder in #82 the victim was only stunned with the poker then killed with a decanter). Submitted by H. Mason 10/30/14

The view out the courtroom window is of a tree lined suburban street that has no relation to the exterior set. DOD 09/09/19

The Case of the Missing Mom: Why did no one try to find out who Bob's mother was? There is a between-the-lines presumption during Mason's questioning that Vivian dropped out of high school in 1936 because she was pregnant, and thus implying that little Bob would have been three in 1939 -- but did no one in the entire snoopy town realize that she had a child? Did Bob not care at all who his mother was? And who was "the Mexican woman" who took Bob to Salt Lake City? Submitted by catyron 11/30/2017.

For the answer to these and other questions, tune in next week, same time, same channel. DOD 09/09/19