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#229: The Case of the
Telltale Tap
Original Airdate: 02/04/65

Summary Edit

From The Perry Mason TV Show Book
Someone has been leaking valuable inside information concerning secret stock purchases of the So-Cal Investment Company, causing the prices to rise and costing the company thousands of dollars. So-Cal executive Clyde Darrell hires Paul to play plumber and plug the leak.

Paul exposes Ian Jarvis, a stockbroker, but the leaks continue. Worse yet, $200,000 of So-Cal funds are missing. Clyde goes to Perry for help, at first to uncover the embezzler—but then to defend him for murder. Trouble is, Clyde believes he’s actually murdered Vera Wynne, a secretary who claimed that Clyde was behind the embezzlement. After all, Clyde admits he struggled with her and knocked her down. And by the time Clyde got help for her, she was dead.

Credits Edit

Random actor from episode. Click for page of all available.


Starring Raymond Burr
Based upon characters created by Erle Stanley Gardner
Barbara Hale, William Hopper, William Talman, Ray Collins


Directed by Arthur Marks
Written by Samuel Newman
Arthur Marks \ Art Seid | Producers
Gail Patrick Jackson | Executive Producer
Jackson Gillis | Associate Producer
Samuel Newman | Story Consultant

Raymond Burr as Perry Mason
Barbara Hale as Della Street
William Hopper as Paul Drake
William Talman as Hamilton Burger
Ray Collins as Lt. Tragg
Wesley Lau as Lt. Anderson

Music Composed by Richard Shores
Music Supervision by Herschel Burke Gilbert


Linden Chiles as Clyde Darrell
Roland Winters as Archer Bryant
Jeanne Bal as Vera Wynne
H. M. Wynant as Glen Holman
Indus Arthur as Nancy Bryant
Parley Baer as Ian Jarvis
William Allyn as Elliot Forrest
S. John Launer as Judge
Lester Dorr as Bartender
Seamon Glass as Karl Lewis

Uncredited Actors
Don Anderson as Fishing Boat Skipper


Director of Photography … John M. Nickolaus, Jr.
Art Direction … Lewis Creber
Assistant Director … Gordon A. Webb
Film Editor … Richard W. Farrell
Casting … Harvey Clermont
Makeup … Irving Pringle
Hair Stylist … Annabell
Wardrobe Supervision … Ed McDermott, Evelyn Carruth
Set Decoration … Carl Biddiscombe
Properties … Ray Thompson
Production Sound Mixer … Herman Lewis
Script Supervision … Marshall Schlom
Theme Composed by … Fred Steiner
Automobiles Supplied by … Ford Motor Company

Perry Mason
Produced by the CBS Television Network in association with Paisano Productions

Trivia Edit

Paul gives the MA 5-1190 office number to the operator on his cool high tech car phone when he calls Della for Perry. Submitted by Paul Chrisney, 3/19/2004.
+ Earlier on Della calls Perry while he and Paul are on Perry's boat...on Perry's boat phone! Not bad for 1965! ;-> Submitted by mesave31, 03/09/15.

Roland Winters, playing Archer Bryant, makes his only Perry appearance. In the late 1940s Roland Winters became the 3rd and final movie Charlie Chan (following Warner Oland and Sidney Toler)—playing the role 6 times. Look closely at Mr. Winters; doesn’t look very oriental does he? Submitted by PaulDrake33, 30 September 2009.
+ Raymond Burr and Roland Winters both appeared in an episode of the Jack Benny Program. Burr was the featured guest star, and Winters played a smaller role as an Air Force General. See the episode on YouTube.

Uncredited Actors: Don Anderson appears as the skipper of a fishing boat chartered by Perry and Paul. The footage seems to be the same exterior shots used in episode 131, TCOT Travelling Treasure, Submitted by FredK, 15 Nov 2010.
Don has a speaking part but no credit. submitted by BigBill767 3/23/2014.

Sightings: The only favorite frequent face to turn up among the spectators in court today is the Quiet Old Man (#1). Submitted by gracenote, 4/21/2011. Don Anderson turns up in court after his boat ride. He is in the far left front row. Submitted by BigBill767 3/23/2014.

Ray Collins once again is absent from the story despite billing as Lt. Tragg. Submitted by gracenote, 4/21/2011.

The attractive Indus Arthur, who played Nancy Bryant in this episode, was a professional harpist. She died in 1984 at the young age of 43 from skin cancer. Submitted by mesave31, 03/09/15.

At the very end, Perry sagely quotes from the Old Testament, specifically Proverbs 26:5. Submitted by gracenote, 4/21/2011.

Comments Edit

There’s a bit of a plot hole. Clyde goes running for help after he knocks Vera down. That makes sense when you are out in the country and there is no phone. But he is in an office building full of phones. Why wasted time trying to hunt down the elevator operator when he could pick up a phone and call an ambulance? Or is it executive syndrome, unable to dial a phone himself, without his secretary to do it for him? Submitted by gracenote, 4/21/2011.

Forty five minutes in Perry manages yet again to magically get a parking space right in front of the Stanley Mosk Courthouse. We should all be so lucky. Submitted by Eric Cooper, 7 September 2011.

Gracenote: not to be picky, but maybe panic? I first wondered why he didn't use the phone right there - but when he saw Vera's blood on his hand, then he panicked. Heck, I would have too!! Ah, the lovely Jeanne Bal - did anyone notice that she seemed to have a 'lazy eye' (the left eye)? And then when Clyde confronted her closely beside/behind the desk, she seemed to look over his shoulder a few times in her tirade? She could've yelled at me anytime .. Submitted by MikeReese 4/3/2013.

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