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Perry Links

Perry Mason, Raymond Burr and Erle Stanley Gardner are well represented on the web. Here are few links. Most recently added first by section. Please report any broken links via the email icon in the sidebar. Thanks!

Perry Mason Show Sites

Raymond Burr Sites

Barbara Hale Sites

  • The Barbara Hale Home Page by Leah. At last, a wonderful tribute to our beloved Ms. Hale! And it's trilingual too!
  • The Larry Parks Tribute Page has some nice bits about Barbara and her roles with Larry Parks.
  • The Della Looks On page has a few vidcaps of Ms. Hale in one of her most popular roles. Slow loading but worth the wait.
  • Big Dave's Barbara Hale Annex has a collection of material from various published sources about Barbara, her life and family.

Alumni Links

  • The Alumni Links page has a collection of links to official and fan sites for actors who appeared in the series.

German Perry Mason Sites

  • Biographie, the German language entry for Leah's Barbara Hale Home Page. Check it out!
  • Fernsehserien 10 has a list of 22 Perry Mason episodes that were shown in Germany in the 60s, much earlier than thought.

Books/Erle Stanley Gardner


  • Denise Noe has written some interesting poems related to Perry Mason and Raymond Burr.

Music & Musik Sites (Buy the CD!)

  • Susan's Room by Susan Streitwieser. Home of Perry Mason, the song, and other cool music.
  • Swim Two Birds, a German band, has a cool rendition of The Perry Mason Theme. Click the MP3 Player.

Other Sites (with ties to Perry Mason)

Other Show Sites

Crime/Law Sites

  • Objections. Ever wonder what irrelevant, immaterial and incompetent really mean? This site has the answers. Thanks to Bob Dean, 6/4/08.
  • A site for legal news, research, information and solutions. Check out TheLawForums.

Mailing Lists/Groups

Perry Mason
Join the Perry Mason e-mail list
For the discussion of everything Perry Mason.

Join the Perry Mason e-mail list
For fanfic, discussion of our favorite secretary and more.