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TV Trivia Lists

Here are few lists of actors from the Perry Mason series who appeared in non-guest roles in popular TV series or had long running roles in famous Soap Operas. If these lists look familiar, it's because they were once on the Famous People or the Trivia Lists pages. Special thanks to Charles Richmond and D. A. Supernaw for the suggestions that led to this page. Extra thanks to Charles Richmond for checking all of the the Perry Mason actors at the Internet Movie Database.

See the Actors Lists for appearances in the series. Name links go to the actor's Internet Movie Database filmography. So, look 'em up and read all about 'em.


These people have provided information for this page by e-mail. Their contributions are marked with the bracketed number in front of their name. Many thanks to all!

[1] Charles Richmond, 12/17/03
[2] D. A. Supernaw, 10/22//04
[3] Howard M. Berlin, 5/10/97
[4] Keith Cutler, 7/8/97
[5] Sue Lees, 10/2/01
[6] Thomas Smith, 8/19/99
[7] John Sayer, 4/13/04
[8] Julie Corson, 11/13/04
[9] Patti Wilkins, 7/10/99
[10] Mitch English, 10/30/04
[11] Michelle Moore, 4/23/03
[12] Robert Hopkins III, 12/26/02
[13] Rick Byrne, 6/18/03
[14] Jeff Hornick, 7/7/03
[15] Sue Lees, 10/2/01
[16] Mark Stumpf, 1/21/05
[17] John Boland, 4/19/99
[18] Deril Dorius, 11/12/04
[19] Robert Hopkins III 12/26/02
[20] Brian Quinn, 11/11/99
[21] Duane Drummond, 1/9/02
[22] John Gaither, 6/11/02
[23] John Overall, 5/11/01
[24] Tom Rankin, 8/17/97
[25] Periblue, 12/30/04
[26] Michael Petersen, 8/11/00
[27] Evangeline Ireland, 6/1/98
[28] Fred Coburn, 4/19/00
[29] Leon J. Strait, 2/23/06
[30] Ed Zoerner, 3/2/11
[31] Grace V. Palazzolo, 3/22/11

The Lists

Recent Updates
03/22/11 Added Paul Carr to Star Trek list.
03/07/11 Added Michael Fox to Batman list.
03/02/11 Added Dee Hartford to Batman list.

Soap Opera Queens and Kings

Wesley Addy, Loving 83-91, 94-95 [1]
Judith Ames, General Hospital since 1963 [1]
Ivan Bonar, General Hospital 66-71, 73-79 [1]
Tom Brown, General Hospital 63-65, 70-74 [1]
Robert Colbert, Young and the Restless 73-83
John Considine, Another World 74-76, 86-88 [1]
Richard Coogan, Love of Life 51-58 [1]
Jeanne Cooper, Young and the Restless since 1973
Blair Davies, The Brighter Day 54-62 [1]
Jeff Donnell, General Hospital 80-88 [1]
Frederic Downs, Days of Our Lives 73-80 [1]
Myrna Fahey, Peyton Place 64-69 [1]
Frank Ferguson, Peyton Place 64-69 [1]
Constance Ford, Another World 67-92 [25]
Mary Foskett, The Secret Storm 58-64 [1]
Michael Fox, The Bold and the Beautiful 89-96
Florida Friebus, Peyton Place 64-69 [1]
Dorothy Green, Young and the Restless 73-77 [1]
Peter Hansen, General Hospital 65-86, 92- [1]
David Hedison, Another World 91-96, 99 [1]
Wayne Heffley, Days of Our Lives 88-93, 02 [1]
Phyllis Hill, General Hospital 70-75 [1]
Peter Hobbs, The Secret Storm 54-62) [1]
Ed Kemmer, As the World Turns 66-70, 74-78 [1]
Paul Langton, Peyton Place 64-68 [1]
John Larkin, The Edge of Night 56-61 [1]
Anna Lee, General Hospital 78-04 (her death) [1]
David Lewis, General Hospital 78-93 [26]
Judy Lewis, The Secret Storm 64-68, 69-71 [1]
June Lockhart, General Hospital 84-86, 88, 90-92, 98 [1]
Ronald Long, Love of Life 51-57 [1]
Lynn Loring, Search for Tomorrow 51-61 [1]
Jon Lormer, Peyton Place 64-69 [1]
John Lupton, Days of Our Lives 67-72, 75-79) [5]
Edward Mallory, Days of Our Lives 66-80, 91, 92 [1]
Lori March, The Secret Storm 64-74 [1]
Hugh Marlowe, Another World 69-82 (his death) [1]
Margaret Mason, Days of Our Lives 70-71, 75-80, 82 [1]
Frank Maxwell, General Hospital 78-90 [2]
Peggy McCay, Days of Our Lives 82-83, 85-03, 04- [1]
David McLean, Days of Our Lives 65-76 [3]
Patricia Morrow, Peyton Place 65-69 [1]
Ed Nelson, Peyton Place 64-69 [1]
Ryan O'Neal, Peyton Place 64-69 [1]
Barbara Parkins, Peyton Place 64-69 [17]
Dennis Patrick, Dallas 79-84 [1]
George Petrie, The Edge of Night long time [1]
Lee Patterson, One Life to Live 68-70, 72-79, 86-88 [1]
Frances Reid, Days of Our Lives since 1965 [27]
Roy Roberts, Peyton Place 64-69 [1]
Chris Robinson, General Hospital 78-86, 02 [1]
Susan Seaforth, Days of Our Lives 68-84, 90-96, 99- [5]
Jeremy Slate, One Life to Live 79-87 [1]
K. T. Stevens, Young and the Restless 76-80 [1]
Sheppard Strudwick, Another World 64-69 [1]
Mark Tapscott, Days of Our Lives 72-80 [1]
Constance Towers, General Hospital 1997-2002 [28]
Ruth Warrick, All My Children 1970-2005
Martin West, General Hospital 67-75 [1]
John Zaremba, Dallas 78-86 [1]

Amos 'n' Andy

Alvin Childress, Amos Jones [2]
Amanda Randolph, Sapphire's Mama

The Andy Griffith Show

Parley Baer, Mayor Roy Stoner (62-63) [1]
Frances Bavier, Aunt Bee Taylor
William Keene, Reverend (63-68) [1]
Cheerio Meredith, Emma Brand / Emma Watson [1]
Dennis Rush, Howie Pruitt (63-65) [1]
Hal Smith, Otis Campbell (60-67) [1]

. . . guest appearances allowed here just for fun!

Adam West, Batman
Yvonne Craig, Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl
Neil Hamilton, Commissioner Gordon
Stafford Repp, Chief O'Hara [1]
Victor Buono, King Tut, a villain
Myrna Fahey, Blaze, a henchperson
Michael Fox, Inspector Basch [30]
Dee Hartford, Miss Iceland [30]
Ziva Rodann, Queen Nefertiti [1]

The Beverly Hillbillies

Elvia Allman, Elverna Bradshaw (69-71) [2]
Raymond Bailey, Milburn Drysdale (62-71) [2]
Nancy Kulp, Jane Hathaway (62-71) [2][3]
Joi Lansing, Gladys Flatt (63-68) [2]
Roy Roberts, John Cushing (64-67)
Frank Wilcox, John Brewster (62-66) [2]
. . . and dozens left unnamed as an exercise for the reader. No more please!


David White, Larry Tate [4]
Kasey Rogers, Louise Tate [5]
Bernard Fox, Dr. Bombay [6]
George Tobias, Abner Kravitz [5]
Roy Roberts, Frank Stephens
Robert F. Simon, another Frank Stephens
Mabel Albertson, Phyllis Stephens

The Bob Newhart Show

John Fiedler, Mr. (Emil) Peterson [2]
Pat Finley, Ellen Hartley (74-76) [2]
Florida Friebus, Mrs. (Lillian) Bakerman [2]
Patricia Smith, Margaret Hoover (72-73) [2]


Roy Engel, Dr. Paul Martin [1]
Grandon Rhodes, Dr. J. P. Martin (1960-1967) [1]
Harry Holcombe, Dr. J. P. Martin (1969-1972) [1]
Victor Sen Yung, Hop Sing [1]
Norman Leavitt, Telegraph Operator [1]
Ray Teal, Sheriff Roy Coffee [1]

Casey Jones

Alan Hale, Casey Jones [1]
Bobby Clark, Casey Jones Jr. [1]
Dub Taylor, Wallie Sims [1]
Norman Leavitt, Vic Presby [1]

Dennis the Menace (1959-63)

Gloria Henry, Mom [4]
Joe Kearns, Mr. Wilson (59-62) [4]
Sylvia Field, Martha Wilson (59-62)
George Cisar, Sgt. Theodore Mooney (61-63) [2]

Dobie Gillis, The Many Loves of

Florida Friebus, Winifred "Winnie" Gillis [7]
William Schallert, Mr. Leander Pomfritt
Joyce van Patten, Maude Pomfritt [3]
Stephen Franken, Chatsworth Osborne, Jr. [1]
Doris Packer, Clarice Armitage/Mrs. Osborne [1]
Darryl Hickman, Davey Gillis [3]

The Dukes of Hazzard

James Best, Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane [29]
Denver Pyle, Uncle Jesse Duke [3]

Father Knows Best

Sam Flint, Hubert Armstead, Springfield High principal [1]
Robert Foulk, Ed Davis, Myrtle's husband and the next-door neighbor [1]
Vivi Janiss, Myrtle Davis, the Anderson's next door neighbor [1]
Sarah Selby, Miss Thomas, Jim Anderson's secretary [1]

Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.

Allan Melvin, Sgt. Charley Hacker (65-69) [8]
Barbara Stuart, Bunny Wilson (65-69) [8]

Green Acres

Alvy Moore, Hank Kimball
Hank Patterson, Fred Ziffel
Barbara Pepper, Doris Ziffel #1 (65-69)
Kay Kuter, Newt Kiley (65-70)
Frank Cady, Sam Drucker [4]
. . . and many in guest roles


Ken Curtis, Festus Haggen (64-75) [1]
Burt Reynolds, Quint Asper (62-65) [1]
Woodrow Chambliss, Woody Lathrop (66-75) [1]
Roy Barcroft, Roy Jonas (64-69)
Howard Culver, Howie Uzzell [1]
Dabbs Greer, Wilbur Jonas (55-63) [1]
James Nusser, Louie Pheeters (61-70) [1]
Hank Patterson, Hank Miller 63-75) [1]
Roy Roberts, Harry Bodkin (63-70) [1]
George Selk, Moss Grimmick (55-63)
Herb Vigran, Judge Brooker (70-75)
Sarah Selby, Ma Smalley (61-72)
. . . and maybe a few whose term was too short

Here Come The Brides

Robert Brown, Jason Bolt [9]
Henry Beckman, Capt. Roland Francis Clancey [9]

Hawaiian Eye

Anthony Eisley, Tracy Steele (59-62) [10]
Grant Williams, Greg MacKenzie (60-63)

Hee Haw

Gunilla Hutton, herself (69-91) [2]
Dub Taylor, himself (85-91) [2]

Hill Street Blues

Dan Travanty, Capt. Frank Furillo [2]
Michael Conrad, Sgt. Phil Esterhaus (81-84) [2]
James Sikking, Lt. Howard Hunter [1]

Hogan's Heroes

Werner Klemperer, Col. Klink
John Banner, Sgt. Schultz
Ivan Dixon, Sgt. Kinchloe
Bernard Fox, Col. Crittendon [6]
Nita Talbot, the Russian spy Marya [3]

I Dream of Jeannie

Barbara Eden, Jeannie
Hayden Rorke, Dr. Alfred Bellows [4]
Vinton Hayworth, Gen. Schaeffer (69-70) [4]
Barton MacLane, Gen. Martin Peterson (65-69)
Philip Ober, Gen. Wingard Stone (65-66)

Lassie (1954-74)

Robert Foulk, Sheriff Miller [1]
Cloris Leachman, Ruth Martin (1957-1958) [1]
June Lockhart, Ruth Martin (1958-1964) [1]
Arthur Space, Dr. Frank Weaver (veterinarian) [1]
Robert Bray, Corey Stuart (forest ranger) [1]
Richard Garland, Constable Clay Horton [1]
Sally Bliss, Miss Hazlit (Timmy's teacher) [1]
Ray Teal, Jim Teal [1]
House Peters Jr., Sheriff [1]
Paul Maxey, Matt Brockway [1]

Leave it to Beaver

Pamela Baird, Mary Ellen Rogers (1958-63) [1]
Diane Brewster, Miss Canfield (1957-58) [1]
Edgar Buchanan, Uncle Billy [1]
Richard Deacon, Fred Rutherford [2]
Doris Packer, Cornelia Rayburn [1]
Sue Randall, Miss Landers (1958-62) [1][8]
Rusty Stevens, Larry Mondello (1958-60) [1]
Lyle Talbot, Chuck Dennison (1958) [1]
Stephen Talbot, Gilbert Bates

Little House on the Prairie

Richard Bull, Nels Olesen [11]
Dabbs Greer, Reverend Robert Alden [12]
Kevin Hagen, Dr. Hiram Baker (74-83) [1]
Karl Swenson, Lars Hanson (74-78)

Lost In Space

June Lockhart, Maureen Robinson [4]
Billy Mumy, the kid, Will Robinson (Danger!)
Mark Goddard, Don West

The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Gavin MacLeod, Murray Slaughter
Joyce Bulifant, Marie Slaughter [13]
Cloris Leachman, Phyllis Lindstrom

McHale's Navy

Gary Vinson, George "Christy" Christopher
Gavin MacLeod, Joseph "Happy" Haines (62-64)
Henry Beckman, Col. Douglas Harrigan (65-66) [1]
Simon Scott, Gen. Bronson (65-66) [1]
Dick Wilson, Dino Baroni (65-66)
Jay Novello, Mayor Mario Lugatto (65-66)

My Mother The Car

Jerry Van Dyke, Dave Crabtree [2]
Maggie Pierce, Barbara Crabtree [2]

Ozzie and Harriet, The Adventures of

Parley Baer, Darby (55-61) [1]
Ivan Bonar, Dean Hopkins (64-66) [1]
Frank Cady, Doc Williams (54-65) [1]
Lloyd Corrigan, Wally Dipple [1]
Gordon Jones, Butch Barton (58-60) [2]
James Stacy, Fred (58-64) [1]
Lyle Talbot, Joe Randolph (52-66) [1]

Petticoat Junction

Edgar Buchanan, Uncle Joe [2]
Frank Cady, Sam Drucker [2]
Roy Roberts, Norman Curtis [2]
Charles Lane, Homer Bedloe (63-68) [2]
Hank Patterson, Fred Ziffel (63-68) [2]
Tom Fadden, Ben Miller (64-66) [2]
Frank Ferguson, Dr. Barton Stuart #1 (64-65)
Gunilla Hutton, 'Billie Jo' Bradley #2 (65-66) [2]
Elvia Allman, Selma Plout #2 (66-70)
Shirley Mitchell, Cousin Mae Belle Jennings (67-68)
Byron Foulger, Wendell Gibbs (68-70) [2]
June Lockhart, Dr. Janet Craig (68-70) [2]
William Mims, Mayor Potts (68-70)
Jonathan Hole, Hank Thackery (69)
. . . and many left unamed as an exercise for the reader. No more please!

The Rifleman

Paul Fix, Marshall Micah Torrance
Bill Quinn, Sweeney the bartender [8]
John Harmon, Eddie Halstead (58-62)
Harlan Warde, John Hamilton (58-62)
Edgar Buchanan, Doc Burrage (58-59)
Rhys Williams, Doc Burrage (59-60)
Ralph Moody, Doc Burrage (60-63)
Patricia Blair, Lou Mallory (62-63) [2]

Saturday Night Live (Hosts)

Burt Reynolds, 12 April 1980 [2]
Strother Martin, 19 April 1980 [2]
Ellen McRae (Ellen Burstyn), 6 December 1980 [2]
George Kennedy, 17 October 1981 [2]
James Coburn, 6 February 1982 [2]
Dan Travanty (Daniel J. Travanti), 10 April 1982
Angie Dickinson, 12 December 1987

Star Trek
. . . guest appearances allowed here just for fun!

Leonard Nimoy, Mr. Spock
George Takei, Mr. Sulu
De Forest Kelley, Dr. McCoy
John Abbott, Ayelborne in Errand of Mercy [1]
Stanley Adams, Cyrano Jones in The Trouble with Tribbles [10]
Keith Andes, Akuta in The Apple [14]
Whit Bissell, Lurry in The Trouble with Tribbles
Peter Brocco, Claymare in Errand of Mercy [1]
Robert Brown, Lazarus in "The Alternate Factor" [1]
William Campbell, The Squire of Gothos and ...Tribbles [15]
Paul Carr, Lt. Lee Kelso in Where No Man Has Gone Before [31]
Anthony Caruso, Bela in A Piece of the Action [1]
Paul Comi, Stiles in Balance of Terror [1]
John Fiedler, Mr. Hengist in Wolf in the Fold [16]
Paul Fix, Dr. Mark Piper in Where No Man Has Gone Before [1]
John Harmon, in ...Edge of Forever and A Piece of the Action [1]
Karl Held, Lindstrom in Return of the Archons
Steve Ihnat, Fleet Captain Garth in Whom Gods Destroy [1]
Harry Landers, Dr. Coleman in Turnabout Intruder
Gary Lockwood, Mitchell in Where No Man Has Gone... [7]
Jon Lormer, in The Return of the Archons and two others [1]
Keye Luke, Governor Cory in Whom Gods Destroy [1]
Theodore Marcuse, Korob in Catspaw [1]
Sarah Marshall, Janet Wallace in The Deadly Years
Stewart Moss, Hanar in By Any Other Name [18]
LawrenceMontaigne, Stonn in Amok Time [14]
Frank Overton, Elias Sandoval in This Side of Paradise [1]
Rhodes Reason, Flavius in Bread and Circuses
Abraham Sofaer, The Thasian in Charlie X and one other role [1]
Liam Sullivan, Parmen in Plato's Stepchildren [18]
Garland Thompson, Wilson in The Enemy Within and one other [1]
Malachi Throne, Commodore Mendez in The Menagerie [1]
Harry Townes, Reger in The Return of the Archons [1]
Paul Winfield, Capt. Dathon in Darmok [19]
Ian Wolfe, in Bread and Circuses and All Our Yesterdays [1]
Jeanne Bal, Nancy Crater in The Man Trap
Antoinette Bower, Sylvia in Catspaw [18]
Kathie Browne, Deela in Wink of an Eye [20]
Yvonne Craig, Marta in Whom Gods Destroy [1]
Sherry Jackson, Andrea in What Are Little Girls Made Of? [1]
Nancy Kovack, Nona in A Private Little War [21]
Barbara Luna, Lt. Marlena Moreau in Mirror, Mirror [1]
Lee Meriwether, Losira in That Which Survives [22]
Leslie Parrish, Lt Palamasin in Who Mourns for Adonais? [23]
Madlyn Rhue, Lt. Marla McGivers in Space Seed [1]
Arline Sax (Arlene Martel), T'Pring in Amok Time
Karen Steele, Eve McHuron in Mudd's Women
Meg Wyllie, The Keeper in The Menagerie [19]

The Time Tunnel

Whit Bissell, Lt. Gen. Heywood Kirk
Robert Colbert, Dr. Douglas Phillips
Wesley Lau, MSgt. Jiggs
Lee Meriwether, Dr. Ann MacGregor
John Zaremba, Dr. Raymond Swain

The Untouchables

Paul Picerni, Agent Lee Hobson [24]
Bruce Gordon, Frank Nitti [3]
Robert Bice, Captain Jim Johnson
Carl Milletaire, Pete Konitz
Grant Richards, Frankie Resco
Frank Wilcox, Beecher Asbury

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

David Hedison, Captain Crane
Terry Becker, Chief Sharkey
Richard Bull, Doctor
Allen Hunt, Stuart Riley (65-66)