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CARS: 1957 Corvette, white, top down (Drake). From The Cars by Greg Cockerill.

The boat featured in this episode is famous! Who knew? It’s a Skagit Boat, a classic of fiberglass made in the 50s and 60s by Skagit Plastics Inc. in LaConner, WA. Many are still in use and there’s a Skagit Boat Club in Seattle. Picture here. Submited by Bill Roberts, 2/28/2001, with follow up information by Gerald Markham, 2/24/2008.

Location: Paradise Cove is just as they state in the episode. I lived there for 5 years! There are some great shots of the way things used to be. Submitted by Eric Cooper, 9/21/2007.
+ You can see some of the show’s locations in the Old Malibu Photo Gallery at the Paradise Cove website.
++ PI Jim Rockford's trailer was at 29 Cove Road in Paradise Cove [wikipedia]. Mike Bedard 4.6.15
+++ Paradise Cove now has a sign which reads "No Smoking or Vaping"...MikeM. 5/7/2018

Noir Neighborhood: The Mexican restaurant Las Chalupas is placed on Olvera Street. In the noir classic Double Indemnity there is also mention of a Mexican restaurant on Olvera Street (La Golondrina). Perhaps they're commonplace. JohnK, 17 January 2016

I don't know if there is currently a Las Chalupas restaurant near Olvera Street, the historic Spanish center of Los Angeles. However, a Google Search shows that there are many Las Chalupas restaurants all over the US. Wikipedia says the Chalupa is a type of food associated with Mexican independence. A connection to this episode is that "chalupa" means "boat."..MikeM. 7/25/2016

This is the first of five appearances that Joan Banks will make on Perry Mason. Joan Banks is well known to old time radio fans for many roles. She was married to fellow old time radio actor Frank Lovejoy for 22 years until his death in 1962. Submitted by PaulDrake 33, 10 July 2008.

The script for “Negligent Nymph” is dated 8 October 1957. It may be no earlier than the 18th episode filmed. Submitted by billp, 4 November 2009.

This episode of Perry Mason (TCOT Negligent Nymph) is based on an Erle Stanley Gardner novel of the same name. The season nine episode titled TCOT Impetuous Imp (#246, 9.5) is also based on this same ESG novel. So this ninth season episode is often considered to be a "re-make" of TCOT Negligent Nymph. See here. Submitted by Charles Richmond, 25 April 2013.

Location: The Geo. Adler Estate is an oft-used estate currently owned by music legend Dick Clark. It’s at 28600 Pacific Coast Highway and has been used in other Perry Mason episodes (see Episode #9) as well as countless other television shows. You can also rent it out for your wedding. Submitted by Eric Cooper, 4 November 2010.
+28600 Pacific Coast Highway sold for $3.6M in 2016 and paid $32.9k property tax that year...MikeM. 5/7/2018

The intercom used by George Alder and Sally Fenner is a Webster Teletalk. Webster Electric was located in Racine, Wisconsin. You can vaguely see the name Teletalk above the controls at bottom left. Compare image here. You can find info about Webster’s successor company here. Submitted by billp, 12 November 2010.

Sightings: Someone we call Pencil Mustache Man is in the courtroom today. Submitted by evelyne, 13 February 2011.
+ Distinguished Gentleman #1 is the court reporter. Submitted by gracenote, 8/27/2011.
+Distinguished Lady #4 shows up in court in the back row on Perry's side. Submitted by BigBill767, Nov 11,2016.

The beautiful Peggy Castle was only 29 when she filmed this episode. Alas, she would live only another 16 years. cgraul 6.4.12

Bad edit? The second time Alder moves to call Sally on the intercom, just before his hand reaches it, he freezes as if the actor expected the director to call cut and, since he read the script, he knew Sally would enter the room before he had a chance to use the intercom. It seems that pause should have been edited out. Submitted by Wiseguy70005, 7/22/12.

Alder may have paused in surprise when he saw that he had inadvertently left the intercom on, allowing his secretary to overhear his conversation with the blackmailer. That is why he decides to "come clean" with her, telling her about the conversation, to make light of it and imply that he had nothing to hide. GCL 6/23/13
In TCOT Gilded Lilly, nearly the same thing happens, although this time it isn't the boss who accidentally leaves the white intercom button up, it's Enid, the secretary, who deliberately flips it up so she can eavesdrop in the outer office. And just as in Negligent Nymph, the boss later tries to use the intercom, and hesitates when he sees the white button is already flipped up. Submitted by Scarter 1/12/14

Syndication cuts: Scene with Lt. Tragg, Forbes and the guard at Alder's; Tragg in Mason's office discussing Sally, Alder and the cruiser that picked her up, Gertie with Sally and Della leaving to bring Sally to the law library [at the beginning of this edit the intercom on Perry's desk buzzes, Della moves to answer it and the picture fades out]; a dancer at Las Chalupas performing, Drake and Mason entering, owner questioning them; At Alder's, Tragg telling the police photographer what pictures to take. Additional Hallmark cuts: Sally running from the Alder house and part of the chase with the guard and dog; on the boat, Mason reading aloud the note Sally stole; Mason telling Paul on the phone he has to find Sally while Della reads the paper; part of conversation between Mason and Burger in Burger's office concerning unethical conduct, protecting a client, harboring a fugitive, being an accessory to murder after the fact and a quote from the Canon of Legal Ethics concerning a prosecutor's job; no fewer than three parts of Karen Alder's first testimony: 1) Burger's question of Sally's attitude toward Alder and Mason's objection of hearsay, Burger rephrasing and asking if they quarreled, Mason's objection of leading question, Burger's statement she's a hostile witness, the judge overruling; 2) Burger quoting Karen as saying she saw the killer escape, asking if that's correct, Karen asking if she said that and Burger indicating it's in the transcript; 3) Burger asking that Karen's best friend was wanted for murder and Karen couldn't remember to tell Tragg about seeing a man run away and Karen responding after 20 years of marriage to Alder she drank to forget and it worked; the slide of Karen's bedroom between the slides of the house and beach. Submitted by Wiseguy70005, 7/22/12.

Perry's apartment: In this show and all others, when somebody entered Perry's home there seemed to be no lock on the door. Submitted by H. Mason 9/30/14
+Why did Della think that Perry would knock for admittance to his own apartment? Submitted by vgy7ujm 23/01/15
++Because there were two women in there. Submitted by Duffy, 4-7-2015.

Thing?: Notice the hand closing the door when Lt. Tragg and Arthur Dorian enter Burger's office. (See trivia notes for episode 30 TCOT Screaming Woman) Submitted by H. Mason 10/7/14

When the police photographer arrives at the Alder estate to take photos under the direction of Lt. Tragg, he arrives with a Graflex Speed Graphic Press Camera - suitable for making large prints. When Tragg arrives in the court room, he has a slide projector and a portable screen. Wonder when the decision was made to use slides instead of prints? I hope the photographer had a 35mm camera with him for slides. Submitted by Sidney Keywood, 4/9/2015

This is the first of six PM writing credits for Richard Grey, who had seven writing credits for "The New Adventures of Charlie Chan"...MikeM. 5/7/2018