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Mabel Albertson makes her only Perry appearance here playing Carrie Wilson. Mabel Albertson was the sister of Academy Award-winning actor Jack Albertson. Many people may remember Mabel Albertson as Howard Sprague’s mother on The Andy Griffith Show. Submitted by PaulDrake 33, 9 September 2009.
+ I think she may be best remembered as Darrin Stephen's mom in "Bewitched" for some 18 episodes according to (I had thought more than that!)! ;-> Submitted by mesave31, 03/04/15

Sightings: I see an African-American woman watching the court proceedings! Very good! Submitted 02-09-2015 In the back of the courtroom and mostly in shadow, the Pencil Mustache Man and “Miss Carmody” watch the proceedings intently. Find out more about them and the rest of the recurring spectators, and help us spot their friends! Submitted by gracep, 1/11/2011.

New Opening Scene: Instead of sitting alone in the courtroom, Perry is shown entering the empty courtroom and looking around anxiously. As an actor, Burr can make excellent use of his eyes; but I can't help wondering if perhaps Perry showed up a day early for the trial. --Submitted by 10yearoldfan, 30 August 2013.Yes, I honestly think he is thinking, "Della, you told me to be here at this time, but I am the only one here!" Submitted by Welshwoman 02/09/2015

We got to see the inside of Lt. Anderson's office for the first time. Lt. Tragg's office had been seen in approximately 15 stories. Submitted by H. Mason 12/20/14
+ Ray Collins as Lt Tragg seems so ill in this episode he can barely stand or talk. So sad. Submitted by Welshwoman 02/09/15

Character Name: The defendant, James Anderson, had the same name as the main character on the television series Father Knows Best. That show premiered on CBS in 1954 then went to NBC and returned to CBS for the final two seasons. When this episode of Perry Mason was originally broadcast FKB had been cancelled, but was being shown in syndication. Submitted by H. Mason 12/20/14

This is the fourth of five PM appearances for Sue England , who was "Miss Tulsa" at age six...MikeM. 11/8/2016

This is the fourth of six PM appearances for Jeanette Nolan, who was married to John McIntyre from 1935 until his death in 1991...MikeM. 2/14/2017