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Anomaly: Lee Begere, listed at Dr. Nevin, is called Dr. Nivens by Perry and others. Jan Shepard, who plays his wife, is called Mrs. Nivens. Posted by daveb, 12/20/2007.
+ Burger, however, addresses him as “Dr. Nevins” at least once. And Nurse Elizabeth calls “Nevins,” too. Perry Mason says “Nevins” during the scene with the nurse, but then in the very next scene reverts to “Nivens.” Finally, throughout the broadcast no matter how pronounced, the name is spelled “Nevins” in the captions for the deaf (at least those supplied by VITAC for broadcast today). Submitted by gracep, 2/15/2011.

David Sadowski noted in the Perry_Mason Yahoo! group that this high-impact episode was aired on 10/03/1963, two weeks ahead of its scheduled date, so as to be included in the fall TV ratings survey. More information here.Submitted by daveb, 1/16/2011.

CARS. At 21:50 Perry & Paul rush to see Janice before she's transfered to "Corona" ("California Institution for Women at Corona", officially "Frontera" in 1963, now just CIW. At the rear of the LA jail she's just about to be put into Car(1) for her transfer:

  • (1) 1963 Ford Galaxie 4-Door Sedan, LA County Sheriff star on door, LAPD paint scheme & one rotating flasher on roof, licence plate not seen. This car is there again in the background of the closing scene when it clearly displays Licence Number E 014 ('63 black-plate, E=Exempt).
  • (2) As Janice is taken to Car(1), a black 1963 Buick LeSabre 4-Door Sedan Licence Number QCV 007 is parked behind the jail, Screen Left. It's Lt Anderson's car, as seen & heard at 45:57 outside the Barton mansion when Anderson offers Perry a ride.
  • (3) Another 1963 Ford Galaxie 4-Door Sedan in LAPD paint scheme with a roof-mounted siren flanked by a pair of red flashers is parked in the background also clearly displaying Licence Number E 014. Same paint & roof equipment as this but with Galaxie trim.

In the closing scene at the rear of the jail, just-released Janice is met by Perry, Paul & Della. They got there in Paul's new convertible. Cars (1) & (3) are in the background. Car(1) displays plate# "E 014".

  • (4) Paul's NEW 1963 Thunderbird Convertible top down, black. As seen on Paul's car, the 1963 TBird has a narrow band of six pleats in the center of each rear seat with a wide TBird emblem embedded at shoulder-blade height in the pleating of each rear seat (two). 1962 TBird seats each have a wide band of 10-12 pleats and the rear has only one TBird emblem, that being between the rear seats above the central divider. 1963 TBirds next appear in Ep#191.

Background Cars. At 18:30 there's a location-setting shot of Perry's Brent Building with the lettering "BANK OF CALIFORNIA BUILDING" quite readable over the front entrance. Two cars are parked out front:

For 1963, the real-world LAPD bought a fleet of 1963 Ford 300 4-Door Sedans. Patrol cars had a siren and a pair of red flashers on the roof; paint scheme was white doors & roof, remainder black, as pictured. Detectives got all-black 6-Cyl '63 Ford 300s. In this episode Lt Anderson gets a Buick with plain-clothes driver: it's a nice car but not as extravagant as the Buick Electras that Tragg had in Seasons 3 & 4! Added by Gary Woloski, 12/28/13.
Reference: (1) Encyclopedia of American Police Cars by Edwin J Sanow, p103.

+ Did anyone else find it odd that Paul is the one to draw his gun when they setup the killer, and not Andy (an actual cop)? Submitted by mesave31, 10/14/14
+ Yes; I felt the same way. Mike Bedard Presidents' Day 2015.
+ Bizarre and unrealistic. Submitted by catyron, May 20th, 2018

Sherry Hall, the credited BAILIFF, was both an actor & an assistant director. Mike Bedard Presidents' Day 2015.

Sightings: In the opening act, as the courtroom gallery fills with spectators, Distinguished Gentleman #1 (with glasses) and Quiet Old Man #1 file in. Little Old Lady #1 has also managed to sneak in off camera. The latter two return to the courtroom gallery to observe the sentencing of poor Janice. Ever wonder, Who Is That? Submitted by gracenote, 2/15/2011.
+ I do not see anything posted yet, but isn't that Miss Carmody walking in as the second juror in the opening scene? Submitted by mesave31, 10/14/14
+ Definitely Miss Carmody, front and center. Submitted by catyron, May 20th, 2018.

Uncredited Actors: As the jury of the opening act grimly files in after deliberation, we find none other than Bert Stevens, Barbara Stanwyck’s brother, among them. He also joins the spectators (above) in the gallery as hapless Janice is sentenced. Submitted by gracenote, 2/15/2011.

Michael Fox, credited for his frequent role as Dr. Hoxie, does not appear. However, his voice is heard as Perry mentally reviews testimony from the trial while visiting the murder scene. Submitted by daveb, 2/16/2011.

Courtroom Reversal: I know I'm stating the obvious, but I don't remember any other episode with prosecutor Hamilton Burger on audience left side and defense attorney Perry Mason on audience right. It makes sense to switch locations in this rare trial that Perry apparently loses. -Submitted by 10-year-old-fan, 18 January 2014

PLANES: Paul flies to Brazil at 23:13, apparently aboard a DC 8. Note the dark spots on the lower portion of the nose (air intakes?) and the shape of the engine nacelles, which have smaller radius at front and back. The plane is painted in the style of TWA: a dark band outlines the passenger windows but stops abruptly before the pilot's cabin. If anyone knows more about airplanes than I do, please correct me. - Submitted by 10-year-old-fan, 18 January 2014

The Victim: This was the third story where the murder victim was never shown. See episodes 1 and 121. Submitted by H. Mason 2/19/15

Perry's client on the stand: Through dialog it was revealed that Perry had Janice Barton on the witness stand. In three other stories Perry had his client testify in court. (episodes 150, 162 and 173 was not a murder case). Submitted by H. Mason 2/19/15

Actresses: Erin O'Brien-Moore, Letitia Simmons in this story, and Erin O'Brien who appeared in episode 173 (TCOT Golden Oranges) are not the same person. Submitted by H. Mason 2/19/15

Seeing Dubb-le No that isn't frequent PM alum Don Dubbins, but rather uncanny look-alike Steve Franken. The producers had a curious abilty to hire look-alikes - think Constance Ford/Towers, Barbara Lawrence/Bain - yet somehow missed out on Phyllis Thaxter, who could match Julie Adams in both appearance and hysterics; and despite the obvious possibility of having such doppelgangers play siblings or clones - confused identity was a theme used several times on the show - the opportunity was never taken advantage of. Submitted by Notcom, 031016.

This is the second of four PM appearances for Jan Shepard, who played Nurse Betty on five episodes of the 1957 television series "Dr. Christian"...MikeM. 12/15/2016

This is the second of four PM appearances for Julie Adams, who was married to screenwriter Leonard Stern and to actor Ray Danton...MikeM. 3/23/2017

This is the only PM appearance for Erin O'Brien-Moore who was born Annette O'Brien-Moore. She appeared in 82 episodes of the television series "Peyton Place"...MikeM. 4/10/2018

This is the only PM appearance for Bernie Gozier who was featured as King Moses in the 1959 television series "Bold Venture"...MikeM. 5/15/2018