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Jacques Bergerac makes his only Perry appearance here playing Armand Rovel. Mr. Bergerac made numerous television appearances in the 60s, usually playing a Frenchman, but he is probably best known for being the fourth husband of Ginger Rogers. Submitted by PaulDrake 33, 14 October 2009.

Sightings: “Miss Carmody” appears at the airport infirmary as a nurse administering first aid to grieving widow Roxane Berard. Submitted by FredK, 20 Nov 2010.
+ In the courtroom gallery we find Distinguished Gentleman #1 sitting near the aisle, and Quiet Old Man #1 hiding in the back row on the other side. Submitted by gracenote, 3/11/2011.

It took a good number of viewings to spot Don Anderson in this episode, but he finally turned up among the guests at the ski lodge. Early on he's one of the small crowd who laugh as Armand throws Phillipe into a snowbank, then just before the final credits, he's in the background holding a pair of skis and chatting with an attractive gal as Perry, Della and the others rehash the plot points. Submitted by FredK 22 February 2013.

Jackie Coogan is better known as the wacky Uncle Fester from The Addams Family. Submitted by gracenote, 3/11/2011.
+ American Radio Archives at Thousand Oaks, CA holds a script ("Last Revision 11-14-63") showing that the also-wacky-character-actor Vito Scotti was apparently considered for the role of "Ron Litten" before Coogan was. See catalogue entry here. Scotti did appear in Ep#62 TCOT Howling Dog. You might catch both Vito and Jackie in "Art & the Addams Family" (S1,Ep14) Added by Gary Woloski, 1/6/13.

Kenneth Patterson, who Judged this Perry, was the Store Detective in Shoplifter's Shoe & played Technician Fred in Artful Dodger [IMDb]. Mike Bedard 3.17.15.

CARS are all seen prior to 06:51 on the residential street outside the Rovel residence during Phillipe's two visits. Only Armand's taxi can be definitely linked to a character:

In this year 2014 I still find the surprize glimpse of the XKE in this episode stunning. Added by Gary Woloski, 10/15/14.
* Indicated by external bonnet-latches ("bonnet"="hood" in USA), see here. All later E-Types (even later '61s) had internal bonnet latches.

Murder Method: Armand Rovel was the second victim to die in a plane crash after being drugged (see episode 22 TCOT Fugitive Nurse). The same method was faked in episode 81 TCOT Frantic Flyer. Submitted by H. Mason 3/16/15

This is the only PM appearance for Janet Lake, who is married to former football player and coach Pepper Rodgers...MikeM. 1/5/2017

This is the only PM appearance for Roxane Berard, who may have acquired a French accent naturally. Wikipedia says Berard was born in Belgium. IMDB says she was born in Canada...MikeM. 1/5/2017
+ Let's split the difference and recognize her as the only Icelandic actress to appear on PM !! Seriously, though, this brief story supports the Belgian birth; but whether Belgique ou Québécois, Ms. Berard likely came by her accent naturally - as did the French-born Bergerac - which makes the complaint about "phony" accents (below) ironic...presumably McCallum was bad enough to overcome the realism of his co-stars. Notcom, 041417.

Goof At about 5 minutes in, Phillippe climbs a ladder in the bookstore to re-shelve three books. He shelves one, then fumbles and drops two (note that there are no books laying horizontally across the books on the top shelf). Phillipe descends the ladder and re-climbs, sbelving only one book ... and now there are two books placed horizontally across the books on the top shelf. jfh 11Jan2018.

This is the only PM appearance for Don Collier, who played ranch foreman Sam Butler in the television series "The High Chaparral"...MikeM. 1/11/2018

Mr. McManus, the deceased manager of the lodge, is named after George McManus, the cartoonist who created BRINGING UP FATHER, a classic comic strip. ...28/02/2018 by Red Chief

This is the only PM appearance for Janet Lake, whose third husband is football player/coach/administrator Franklin "Pepper" Rodgers...MikeM. 4/25/2018

Location: Any idea where the snow scenes were filmed? I admit i was born in California and have lived here most of my life, but i have never been to a ski lodge, so this is unknown territory for me. The US Forest Service office had a nice logo, though: "Wood, Water, Forage, Wildlife, Recreation - US Forest Service, Department of Agriculture." : Submitted by catyron, June 3rd, 2018

Continuity: When Ninette comes out to get her mail the windows she passes in front of have the blinds open. A second later they are closed. Kilo 9/11/2018.